Australia's September Issue

I loved this month's issue of Vogue, not only for the four beautiful covers but because there's so many great articles and beautiful photography. I had been thinking that Vogue in general had become a bit stale but this totally reaffirmed my faith.

One editorial in particular I loved was this one with Abbey Lee Kershaw & Catherine McNeil. They're both Australian models (Abbey Lee is in the Gucci ad, which I'm not a HUGE fan of, but whatever) and I think this shoot is abosultely stunning (even if it is a little NSFW, depending on your workplace's boob tolerance!).



  1. I think I must be the only person in the world who just cannot stand Abby Lee. She just looks like such a nasty little doll to me.

    Those pictures are super sexy though, I just wish they'd chosen another girl!

  2. Very pretty! I'm not a vogue reader myself, but I do like flipping through and checking out the photos. I didn't even know they had Australian Vogue!


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