What I Wore 19.07.09

This is what I wore to go to my cousin's 18th lunch, and then to Bruno with my lovely Boy!

♥ Vintage dress
♥ Cotton On cardigan - so old it has turned blue instead of black
♥ Black tights
♥ Forever New shoes - new!
♥ Owl ring from Diva
♥ New hair!

I got my hair cut yesterday at Toni & Guy, I am so happy with it! I got my hair cut there last time I got my fringe done, I had a different hairdresser this time but I was so so so happy with it! If you need a good haircut then go to Paul at the Toni & Guy in Perth city. It's been a while since I grinned all the way through a haircut!

Oh, and I got these insane shoes from Forever New for twenty bucks. I think they were on sale because they actually feature FAUX FUR. ON A SHOE. Awesome/fugly? I couldn't decide. But I knew I needed them.

And this is one of my favourite rings. I need to name him. I have a lot of jewellery with owls - my dad collects them, so maybe it has subconciously affected my jewellery choices? Hoot hoot!

Now I am off to watch season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. Hooray!


p.s If anyone can help me with thism I would be happy - I want to do a little signature thing at the end of posts instead of just an 'x', is there any program you would recommend to do that? I am so hopeless at computers so please do not mock me! :P


  1. I whipped one up in photoshop, I can make one for you if you like.

  2. Love-love that owl ring (I wear a lot of owl jewellery too, haha)!

  3. $20?! too good! and the shoes look very strokeable. :)
    how was bruno? everyone keeps saying it was overrated.

  4. The shoes are GREAT! And the owl looks like a Charleston to me :P I name everything too, lol <3

  5. That owl ring is divine... I have such an obssession with owls!

  6. Mermaid - Aww, you're so sweet to offer! I will email you :D
    Penelope - Haha, I don't know why I love owls so much! I don't think I've ever even seen one in real life!
    A dreamer - Down from $100 baby! I hope they're good quality... they come from Forever New so I'm not holding my breath!
    Em - And so the owl ring shall be named Charleston :P I love it!
    Tink in my closet - It was $5 from Diva, I have gotten a lot of owl jewellery from there!

  7. I hope you said those "hoot hoot"s in a Bowie-owl voice.

    (next owl jewellery I think you should name Jareth)

  8. You are such a scrumptious wee thing, Tara! I LOVE this outfit!


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