Supernova 2009

This weekend Boy & I went to Supernova, which is pretty much a comic book/cosplay/anime & manga extravaganza! It's the first time I've been so I was pretty flabbergasted by all the effort people go to and basically just people watched the whole time. Oh, and took photos of all the awesome costumes (none of what I wore because, well, it was quite boring compared to all the cosplay costumes!).

I ended up getting quite a lot of stuff including, oh, A COPY OF WATCHMEN SIGNED BY DAVE GIBBONS OMG dsljkfhlasdjkhfdashjfdfhjks. Also a book on Bettie Page (Bettie Page Rules! which has a lot of other women in it as well), some earrings made from computer chips, a cameo ring, & some Death Note books. I think that's all. I was totally overwhelmed by all of it, I felt a bit out of place to be honest, I love nerding it up with a bit of manga & anime but... wow. Not to that extent! It was so fantastically bizarre.

If by the off-chance anyone went, what did you think?



  1. Awh I wish they had those kinds of events in Ireland! Well they would have small comic conventions, but it's very cliqué and you have to know lots of the regulars and be religious about comics.
    I just want to dress up!

  2. i took my sister to something similar like this last year and I was dressed rather normally too but i was amazed by how much effort people put in!
    I loved every moment running around taking photos of the gorgeous costumes.

  3. rorshach ! *squeals* deathnote! *squeals* the convention looks like a lot of fun!
    i've never been to one. even tho i want to one day. i think i'm like you, as much as i love anime & manga, i'd feel a bit out of place there too.
    what did you dress as?

  4. Looks like loads of fun:)!!! Great costumes!

  5. chicknamedhermia - Yes this one seemed a bit exclusive too! I would have dressed up but I probably would get a detail wrong and be damned by geeks for all eternity ;)
    kat veronika - I was surprised how many people said yes to having their photo taken, but I guess when you put in that much effort you'd be hoping someone asks for photographic evidence!
    A dreamer - I didn't dress up, I knew there was a cosplay competition but I didn't think people would just be walking around dressed up in costumes! I LOVED the Watchmen costumes :P
    Tink in my Closet - It was! :D

  6. oh yay Tara! Your first Supanova! I am a bit of a supanova nerd, didn't dress up this year but went as superman last year and got accosted and forced to be in the superman wrestling match. :|

    I am so glad you had fun and blogged about it! :)

  7. OHHH. MYYYY. GOOOOD. Jealous!


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