It seems that I am in a bit of a style rut at the moment. I think it's because I have to wear all black to work, and even then I feel like I don't really dress like 'me'. On my days off my thought process goes "ARGH COLOUR TOO MUCH CHOICE... I'll just wear black". Or some other 'safe' outfit. Part of the problem is also that I just need to shake up my appearance... I'm getting my hair cut on Friday so maybe that will help? Do you have any suggestions? I have a few events coming up that will hopefully give me the chance to dress up a bit...

Here are some pictures that are giving me hope that I can beat this mofo!

BUSTIER, from Lookbook

I love all the tan accessories, and those pants! Lovely. I'm not crazy about strapless tops - maybe because of the constant fear of it falling off - but I suppose if you're tanned and have nice shoulders like this lady here you could pull it off.


In this outfit I love the contrast of the sequinned, OTT top with just a plain miniskirt, unkempt hair and minimal makeup. I am pretty crazy about Peter Pan collars, always.


As you may have been able to tell, I love this outfit precisely because of the rockabilly elements - the colourful pump heels, the high-waisted jeans, with a collared shirt tucked into it. Need I say more?

Boring wedding, from Lookbook

I love the stockings, I would love to wear white stockings but, alas, I cannot because of an unfortunate condition known as sausage legs. The necklace is divine, I have been obsessed with birdcage necklaces for ages! This one is particularly lovely.

Goldmember, Jak and Jil

I am a little bit in love with big, chunky, man-style watches at the moment. I love that tone of nail polish with the gold, too.


I know that this girl had a Livejournal, so I think now she has an actual blog? Either way, this outfit is so adorable. I don't know if it's a dress or a skirt and a top but I love the navy (as an alternative to black) and of course the gorgeous hair.

Any street style blogs you can link me too? Help me!



  1. As someone who has been in a TOTAL black rut for the past few years, I really appreciate this post as it reminds me to try new things! The pictures were ultra inspiring, too :) I want to go shopping!

  2. I love that bustier in the first picture ....I just can't wear them tho ...they make me look like a child in a hooker's outfit!

    Also I love that birdcage necklace ...I was looking for a decent one, but I recently received a beautiful grandfather watch necklace, so I've veered from the idea ....for now!lol!

  3. I'm not really a fan of bustiers but I can't stop obsessing over that first one!

    As for street style blogs I would recommend!

  4. I love the first outfit! And the one Sandra is wearing is soo pretty! She has got a lot of comments for that one!

  5. Miss Corrine - Ahhh me too! If only you lived in Perth, we could go shopping together!
    chicknamedhermia - Haha, I can't wear them either, it kind of puts the bust in bustier & I feel quite uncomfortable! :P
    Cassie - I actually haven't been on Chictopia, I will have to check it out!
    ChickyGirl - I have to start reading her blog again, her LJ was one of my biggest inspirations!

  6. Here is her blog if you didn't know

    I have total hair envy of her :)


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