Obsessed with... Peacocks!

For some reason, I am strangely drawn to feathers on clothes. Peacock feathers happen to be my favourite at the moment. Even though in real life, only the male peacock has the colour & the glory, why should it be that way for us humans? Claim back some of the peacock strut with these sartorial choices...
Much like the bird itself, these tights command attention and I'm sure would cause involuntary strutting by the wearer. I would wear these to a gig at a little bar, with a little black poofy dress, purple suede ankle boots, and electric blue eyeliner. I think they are very Doe Deere, don't you?
A little more subtle than turquoise tights, this is still one for the girl who wants to wear her peacock feathers with pride. I would wear this to a university lecture, perhaps to a sociology lecture, with jeans, knee-high black boots, and a tasty cashmere black v-neck sweater. Then I would wear it to the library, where I would dog-ear my favourite poems of ee cummings and grin to myself.

This bracelet/ring is SO AWESOME! It is very Cleopatra, in my opinion. I think that I would wear this out to dinner with friends, so it would catch the light when I gesticulate wildly. I would wear it with a sequinned tuxedo jacket (a la Queen Michelle), ripped tights, a denim miniskirt and patent leather ankle boots.

If your love of peacock doesn't quite extend to you wearing feathers on a regular basis, you could always put this nifty little piece of artwork on your wall. I love that it's on an old page of a novel, it makes it beautiful and modern at the same time. I can see this in a little frame in my kitchen.

Of course, if you want to keep your peacock love on the inside, you can always give it a subtle nod with these peacock knickers. Delightfully cheeky way to show your love for our lovely-plumed birdfriend.
...And on the other end of the scale, you can show your obsession to its full extent with this magical peacock headdress. I think this would be fantastic to wear to a ball (or gala event of your choice) with a gold flapper-style dress and matching teal shoes. Incredible!
Wanting to emulate the peacock strut is all very well and good, but I don't think anyone can ever have it down like old Mick...



  1. =O I LOVE the Plumage of Burma clip!! It's absolutely extravagant & gorgeous


  2. I love love love peacock inspired things - it's kind of odd, but the colours I find suit me most are the ones in the peacock tail :)

  3. I have been obsessed with those peacock tights for so long, although I can't decide what colour I like best (nor do I have any money...)

  4. nomnomnom

    not like i can afford it.
    I LOVE IT!

  5. i love everything in this post! i'm particular digging the stockings & free people makes an interesting mustard color version of them as well.


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