I passed...

My first semester of uni for the year! I even got a distinction for anthropology (and a credit for media studies and a pass for journalism)!

I'm very happy & relieved, I thought I did a lot worse! But I guess that's always the way. Now I'm working until the 27th, when I go back, to study radio news, more media studies, and more anthropology! Because I'm all on my own tonight I am celebrating with Chinese food and Spicks & Specks. Hooray!

Anyway, that's just a super quick update on what's been going on in my life. Hope all is well with you, don't forget about the questions post!

More posts will be up soon!




  1. Congratulaaaaaations!! Hope you're well dear :)

  2. Awesome! Congrats, on making it! Some people (like myself) did not do so well my first year.. HAHHA!

  3. congrats sweets! your celebration sounds perfect... love chinese... and spicks & specks <3

  4. yay! me too :) so relieved.

    but ew radio news, are you looking forward to it? what journo unit did you do this semester? how did you go with media law? well done for passing THAT one hahaha.

    & arghhhh i can't believe you get a week more of holidays than me!!! so unfairrrrr

  5. Well done! Congratulations!


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