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Do you remember the first music concert you went to?

The first one I went to was the John Butler Trio. I was 14, it was a free concert in Bunbury, and it was part of a cause to save the Leeuwin forest. Three of my friends & I bought big obnoxious sombreros from Crazy Clark's (a kind of two dollar store, I guess) & I gave mine away to a random girl who promised she would give it back, but of course didn't. We sat through two hours of increasingly hippy-like and decreasingly coherent protestors before John Butler actually came on stage - I had a photo of him where he was literally the size of a pin head and I cherished that photo for about six months! Before the show we saw him hanging out in the park with his wife & baby & it was very sweet. But the highlight of the concert was:

Do you remember the first concert you went to? Would you still go & see that band now? I was only reminded of this when I heard this song on the triple j hottest 100, haha.



  1. Ahahaha! My first concert was White Zombie and the Deftones (!?) which I would never, ever go to now.

    Ah, to be 14 and so *hardcore*

  2. Uhm well my first concert was the wiggles...yeah I'm pretty sure I had the time of my life.
    Second concert I ever went to was Bauhaus, so that's an interesting contrast :)

  3. The first concert I went to was Michael Jackson... I was nine and we'd just moved the Brunei the day before. it was a free outdoor concert on new years eve, I think it started at about 10pm - past my bedtime! I was jetlagged and totally didnt appreciate it but at least I can say I went. haha.

  4. I was about 10 or 11 and i saw Groove Armada for my birthday! It was a pretty good first concert tbh, I would still see them. :)


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