Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?

Ooooold photo, you will be glad to know I no longer drink Pulse! :P

I have had this blog for almost a year & since I never did an introductory post, I thought I would jump onto the 'ask me anything' bandwagon & get you to interview me for the big blogiversary!

Any questions about my favourite places in Perth? What's my favourite food? What music I bop away to when writing the blog? Why I like to write? Who my favourite blogger is? How I met Boy? What it's like working in retail? JUST ASK! I would love to answer them & meet more of my lovely readers. I'll answer the questions when I have a good enough number.

Fire away!



  1. heee cute photo! we must plan a catch up soon miss, when are you free?

    & yay title that is one of my most favouritest smiths songs :) (the other being bigmouth strikes again)

  2. I kind of want to know all of those things! *blush*

  3. why'd you start blogging?
    fave foods?
    and a childhood photo. YAY :)

  4. What's your favourite part of living alone? Do you ever wish you had a flatmate?

  5. do you find knowing everyone in perth endearing or stifling? i could never do anything without my neighbor's brother's cousin's dog's aunty seeing and telling my parents, partially why i left.

  6. Sweet! What's the best fashion-y item that you've ever purchased?

  7. Gorgeous photo! Pulse is evil hehe

    I just found your blog so my question is, what is your fave thing to do in Perth? :)

  8. 1. Favourite album? Or go all High Fidelity and top five it.

    2. Best colour to wear?

    3. I hear your sister is pretty awesome. Confirm/deny.

  9. I'm from Perth too! Yay!

    What's your favourite place to hang out in Perth? & How old are you? :)


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