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With my new job, I have recently discovered the trials & tribulations of having to wear all black to work every day. I already owned a few black dresses but they were strictly in the 'evening' category (satin & feathers do not a professional make). So, I feel for all of you who have to wear a uniform to work! I thought black would be an easy colour to dress in because it can look chic & put-together (all of Melbourne can't be wrong!) but... woah. It is a veritable black hole of clothes out there. So, if you have to wear all black to work (or just like the look of it!), here are my favourite pieces so far...

Although I suppose it could be considered a chain store, Witchery clothes are of much better quality and will last longer than your Supre skirts! In the past year or so, I think that Witchery has made a huge effort to appeal to a younger market, and they have some really beautiful pieces. I only have a few of their skirts but I love them! I really could not recommend them enough. Because Witchery is more trend-based than other high-end chain stores, I guess it has more stuff that appeals to me & that is less severe than a regular black pencil skirt.
Onto this particular skirt - I think that the ruffles are so pretty & feminine, and you could still play it down with a regular black t-shirt. I, however, would wear it with black patterned stockings, high black pumps, and a beehive with lots of eyeliner!
Leona Edminston is another Australian brand that is FANTASTIC, her clothes are incredibly flattering & the dress I own is soooo comfortable. I haven't seen this dress in stores, but I think it is amazing! The shoulders are detailed without being too over-the-top (let's be honest, we may love the Balmain jackets, but how many people can wear them day-to-day?), and the length of the dress means you could wear it to work and not look overdressed, and then wear it straight out without looking to corporate.
These Forever 21 dress is pretty, simple, and less than $30! It would be perfect worn with a cute pair of heels and a flower in your hair for a date to a cute, tucked-away Italian restuarant... black hides all manner of pasta stains. I haven't actually got any Forever 21 pieces so perhaps someone can vouch for the quality of the dresses? For $30 I wouldn't expect it to be too spectacular but when the dress is this cute, just keep replacing them!

I looove these Topshop pants. Perfect for the stylish waitress, perhaps? I think that these are easy to dress up or down - up with a pair of black pumps, a black cardigan and a stack of gold bracelets, down with a striped three-quarter-sleeve shirt & wedges. I think that the tapered pant leg adds a bit more interest than just a regular, full length black pant, and they would be perfect for all you lucky people going into summer! Love the little gold buttons too. I think that Carrie from WishWishWish would like these!
These Wittner flats are probably pushing the limit a bit if you have to wear all black, but so cute! Look at the sparkles! And the little bow! I also think that, for all the girls who have school formals/balls/proms coming up, these would make such a cute alternative to high heels. Imagine them with a flirty 50's frock! I love them so much & will be marching down to sparklefy my feet as soon as I get my next pay check! (OK, the website claims they are black... is it just me or do they look navy?)

These fifties-style shoes are my favourites so far. I think that these shoes would look fantastic with a straight black pencil skirt, a collared black shirt, and red nail polish. Very Super Kawaii Mama! Maybe not the best choice if you're working in a shop and have to stand up all day, but very cute for the corporate lovelies! Although, if it were me, they would warrant a lot of trips to the water cooler just to show them off!...
So, what do you think? Do any of you have to wear a uniform to work? What do you wear?


  1. i love witchery tooooo, they make fantastic shirts & gorgeous black pants (even if none of them actually fit me!) that are on trend but still classic!

    & i've bought a few things from forever 21, the quality is actually REALLY decent for the prices you're paying.. wayyy better value for money than supre.

  2. That F21 dress is very pretty!

  3. I love those pants and the witchery skirt. most of the things you've listed are too good for work! hehe

  4. those shoes are awesome!! when i did an internship at a lawfirm, i didn't have to wear all black, but a black suit or dress was always required. man, did i have a difficult time trying to come up with something to spice things up everyday!!

  5. are you working at david jones?! haha to be sure, i do, and i got bored of interesting black a long time ago, now i'm embarrassed about what i wear in business hours :p but i daresay you'll make it work! gorgeous shoes.

  6. haha i sometimes wear all black and definitely feel like people will perceive me as some sadistic goth! especially because i have dark hair and i sort of always have a frown on my face!
    but i feel like black has been reinvented in the past few months...or even the past 2 years or so!
    luckily i dont have to think too much for my work uniform, as it is an ugly polyester jacket+trouser set that they provide for us!

  7. amanda - Oh cool! I will have to check out some of their stuff, there's some good pieces on their site!
    Annie - I know! I've been looking for one like that everywhere but haven't found it!
    A dreamer - Hee! One of the girls I work with used to work at DJs and she has an awesome work wardrobe!
    mademoiselle glitter - They're quite cute, aren't they? They would look cute with a suit!
    harbourmaster - Haha no, I work in a boutique! I hope that the novelty of coming up with all-black outfits doesn't wear off for a while ;)
    PISTOLWHIPPED - Thanks! ♥
    adrienne - I guess it would be good not to have to worry what to wear to work every day! I agree, black has become much more wearable in the past couple of years.

  8. that forever21 dress is gorgeous!
    i really do love wearing black though I worry sometimes I wear too much ^^.
    But they are such easy things to throw together.

    And I can definitely see those sparkly flats with a 50's dress! gorgeous!


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