Oh say can you see my eyes, if you can then my hair's too short

I've always had quite nice hair without having to do much to it, apart from trimming my fringe every couple of months & washing it every day so it doesn't look greasy. But, now I feel like I want a more complete look when I dress up, and that involves more than just putting my hair back into a ponytail or a messy bun. I've been inspired by a few heads I've seen around...

Kirrilly Johnston's "hair necklace", at Australian Fashion Week

Michelle from Kingdom of Style, in a Le Tour de Force headpiece

Marc Jacobs, from Style.com (every model had a different hairstyle! Cuuute)

Dusty Springfield

Raquel Reed

Super Kawaii Mama

Freelancer's Fashion Blog

I've been inspired by hair that looks like it requires some effort. I am sick of seeing girls walking around with ratty, unbrushed hair. It is time for a hairvolution - if you have a great outfit & shabby hair, it will ruin it!

There ain't no words for the beauty, the splendour, the wonder of my hair:
Gala Darling (queen of the fantastically coloured hair) explains Mad Hatter's Day
Super Kawaii Mama gives some excellent hair tutorials
15 Craziest Hairstyles - my favourite would have to be 'The Dude'
Doe Deere demonstrates how to curl hair - who wouldn't want her gorgeous mane?

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  1. HAHAHAH that crazy flower hair mohawk is hilarious!

    i'd love to see you with a SKMAMA or Freelancer's fashion blog hair do.
    ]i wish i had any of the Marc Jacobs hair styles *drools*


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