I Should Be So Lucky

Like all Australians, I have a soft spot for Kylie Minogue. I think she is as cute as a button, even when she was Charlene on Neighbours, even when she sang a duet with Jason Donovan, and especially when she was wearing costumes designed by John Galliano!

I loved this shoot with her (by Ellen von Unwerth) SO MUCH. It is the exact same aesthetic that I want to live my life. Just a beautiful decadent birthday party, all the time!

What do you think? Is Kylie still the singing budgie to you or are you obsessed? Are you craving cupcakes and teddy bears now or is this a saccharine assault on your eyeballs?



  1. i do love kylie but i hate the photoshopping in this shoot when she already looks half plastic.. one of the things i love about ellen's work is that normally they are not overly photoshopped, but this one just doesn't appeal to me because of that. but apart from that it is lovely!

  2. she is super gorgeous ., tohught she was french sill me .
    anyway these shots are great
    We Were Damsels

  3. She simply doesn't age, does she?

  4. When I was your age, a friend and I worked out that, with a little thought, we could actually live exclusively on party food. It would require having lots of cocktails with fruit in them, but it was quite possible. of course, had we managed it, we would have ended up as Pats and Eddie from Ab Fab - but I still have a secret hankering to try! Did you know that Kylie is almost exactly the same age as me? this used to be a source of chagrin to me (since she is, on the surface, considerably more sucessful than I). But (again, the perspective of age) I would not now give up the DH and DD and all of you for 10 times what she has - and I suspect, under the glamour, she might feel much the same.

  5. meh. the second picture should be for her Love Kylie range...
    no doubt that she photographs really well but i'm not that into the pics.

  6. I love Kylie, she is amazing!! I quite like the shoot, that first shot is gorgeous :)

  7. amanda - Yeah in some of the photos it's so obvious, but I can't fault the setting of the photos!
    Damsels - I think she got an entertainment award in France? Maybe that's what confused you!
    Annie - Well... a mix of good genes & Photoshop :P
    Gin Fancier - Yeah, I can't imagine what it would be like to be famous, probably very lonely! However, I CAN imagine what it would be like to be Eddie from Ab Fab :P
    A Dreamer - Hehe, yeah! That's my fave from the set :)

  8. this shoot is really gorgeous! i always love ellen von unwerth shoots! she is so great!


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