How To: Printed Tees

I am being a bit loose with the term 'printed tee' - I mean it to include slogans and pictures, but not necessarily prints because that could be a whole other blog post! However, I want to give you some ideas on how to wear all those band t-shirts and cute picture tees that you have hanging in your wardrobe, but always just throw on with a pair of jeans and Cons for a day of uni (well, that's what I do!). First of all, make sure that the shirts you're wearing can actually be salvaged. For every awesome vintage David Bowie tour t-shirt you see, there is one like this:

Um, no.
If you want to go for words on a shirt, make it a vague slogan that does not include any underlying sexual innuendo (or obvious innuendo, like the shirt above!). Here's a Tsubi one that I chose:
If you're going to wear jeans with a printed tee, at least add a bit of interest. I think this works because it is a slightly cropped tee and isn't fitted, so you get an interesting silhouette. I also loved the idea of all the quirky accessories with this, even the boots have that fantastic heel so your eyes don't glaze over at another jeans-and-tee combo! I would wear this to the library, to get out all the Kafka books I could find, and then read them in a park while eating mango sorbet and trying not to let my rings tear the pages!
I think that with overly cute shirts like this one, you have to keep the other items luxe or it can look a bit... Hot Topic. Keep the accessories simple because you really want the shirt to be the pop of colour in the outfit. I can see a drama major wearing this to her university classes (hence the versatile backpack!) and tripping over her Chloe wedges into the arms of her leading man.
Let's be honest. You can't make a Motorhead tee too feminine, or you would probably get bashed up by die-hard fans in the street. Apart from the ruffle skirt (which stops the look from becoming too scary!), the other accessories all have kind of tough elements to them (like the cage heels, or the accessories that are kind of parodying what is tough!). I would wear this record-shopping and squealing with glee at finding a vintage Frank Zappa album. Then I would sit in a cafe reading newspaper after newspaper and drinking iced coffees, while listening to Blondie on my iPod.

So there you are lovelies! Obviously there are a billion more tees that could have been featured - what ones do you have hanging in your wardrobe? How do you wear them? I'm partial to the offerings on Threadless, myself; and if you're in Melbourne then Retrostar has an awesome selection. Boy got a Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa one which I love (and steal).
I hope this has given you some ideas!


  1. Oh. My. GOD! I almost fell over when I saw that last outfit; it's PERFECTION! Especially because I love Motorhead :D Great post, Tara!

  2. great post, & i LOVE those wedges in the second outfit, mmmm. i just bought some awesome tees off threadless that i'm anxiously awaiting, so this post was well-timed :) & has made me remember that i desperately need a smiths tee, pronto!

  3. That first outfit is supremely awesome!!!

  4. Corrine - Thank you darling! ♥ glad you're back!
    amanda - I saw some Smiths tees at Myer, maybe there? I love those wedges too :)
    Annie - Thank you beautiful!

  5. I like this post too! He he, very cute. I actually picked up a MOTLEY CRUE tee shirt on my op shopping travels Today, brand new might I add, which shall feature on the blog sometime soon. I'm going to girly it up as well.

    Never mind that i've never really heard motley crue (shame on me, record store worker!) and my mum absolutely HATES it. But it fits like a dream and is pretty retro-cute.

    I can't wear heels like that though haha! I have one pair that I used to wear to burlesque dancing that are round toe with about a 5 cm heel and even that's too much for me most dayS :D


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