What I Wore... sometime last week

This is an outfit that I wore to dinner at Boy's parent's last week. Sorry for the delay in photos & posts in general, it is an INSANE time at uni at the moment (two presentations last week, argh!) and about a billion things have gone wrong in my new house.

I bought these glittery stockings ages ago because they reminded me of Cassie from Skins (who I wrote my very first post about!). Because they're over-the-knee they keep slipping down, so I just stuck some Hollywood tape on the inside and hoped for the best! It worked though!
♥ Dress: op-shop
♥ Tights: Jonathon Aston (from Sportsgirl)
♥ Shoes: Zu
♥ Ring: Sportsgirl
♥ Nail polish: Titania by Australis
Oh, and remember a while ago I said I had bought THE most awesome cardigan at an op-shop? Well...
Even if I do only get to wear it one day a year, it's the best $8 I've spent at an op-shop. Oh yes. How cute are the little ghosties? They're even waving sticks around, awww.
What's your favourite op-shop find?


  1. anything remotely cassie-like is AMAZING! i love those socks! cute dress too.
    ahahah that cardigan is halloween on crack. awesome.

  2. Your dress is so pretty, and WOW, that cardigan is insanely awesome!!

  3. This is the greatest cardigan in the world! I reckon you could bust it out on occasions other than Halloween (and if anyone picked you up on it, you could send the ghosts with their sticks to haunt them).

    Favourite op-shop purchase? Either the lovely tweed ladies blazer that I accidentally ripped the arm off during a night of debauchery, or a Parker coffee table for $30 (very Danish-looking).


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