What I Wore 21.05.09

I decided to brave the wild weather outside to do some grocery shopping & banking! It is much too fierce a day to be TOO worried about looking fashionable!
♥ Trench coat (see, I follow my own advice!): Target about three years ago
♥ Jeans: Cotton On
♥ Shoes: Steve Madden (new!)
♥ Hat: Coo Ca Choo from Myer
♥ Scarf: Cotton On
♥ Lipstick: Rimmel, in Temptation
♥ Not shown - singlet from Cotton On [underneath]

Here is what the weather was like when I left! Now it is pitch black outside!

You might remember that I said I had a job trial this week... I got the job! I'm so excited, I will be working at a boutique about 10 minutes away from my house. My boss is so great & the other girl working there seems really nice as well... in case you can't tell I am rather excited! :D

Anyway that is the reason things have been a bit slow this week, I haven't worked in retail for almost a year so I forgot how exhausted you get after standing up for eight hours! I slept in until 11:30 today - but to be fair, I had to get up at 5:30, since that is when Boy leaves for work!

The plans for the rest of the day are to finish some uni assignments (next week is the last week of semester! It's so crazy at the moment), watch season three of Project Runway, and make Indian butter chicken for dinner. Yum!


p.s I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to Andrea from a cat of impossible colour for signing her book deal! Lots of love!


  1. hey pretty lady! the weather was INSANE wasn't it! i was so glad i was IN class when it was craziest & not between! which boutique is it? i shall have to come check it out!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you look WONDERFUL in black! Love the scarf, too! :)

  3. Can't see your new shoes!
    Congrats about the job <3

  4. Yikes, what awful weather!! Love your scarf, and the red lippie looks amazing dear :) Congrats on the job!

  5. And so I thought sun would be predominant anywhere near Australia all year round, another myth.. ;)
    I LOVE the title of your blog, and if you're that daughter and OSCAR WILDE and TWIGGY.. can I be your sister??? pleaaaase?

    Love from London! Lily x

  6. Why is there not a close up of your new shoes?!
    Stay warm, its pretty hellish down here as well.

  7. Congratulations about the new job!!!! It sounds great and it's always so much better to be working with nice people - they can make all of the difference! I hope it all goes brilliantly!

    Wow, that weather looks rather wet and wild!! I think I would have been too much of a coward to have gone out in that - may have stayed snuggled on sofa instead!! x

  8. amanda - It's kind of for older ladies! :P So there might not be that much you like!
    Monster Girl - Thank you! I have to wear all black for my job now, so I am glad to hear that :)
    Annie - Gah! I'll add another one when I have my camera back!
    Dapper Kid - Thank you lovely!
    alizemorand - Oh you are lovely! I suppose Oscar Wilde & Twiggy could have had two lovechildren... :P
    emily jane - OH BUT YOU ARE SO DEMANDING. I will put up another picture!
    whatkatydoesnow - That was SO tempting, argh! I will be doing that on my days off :P and thank you - yes, nice people make working SO MUCH easier!


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