What I Wore 15.05.09

Tonight I am off to YET ANOTHER play involving family members. It hasn't been a super fabulous week so I would much rather stay home in pajamas and watching Black Books. But oh well. I know it won't be bad, because all the other plays I've seen by their school have been good. But, you know.

Also, I spent about half an hour looking for my camera connector cable. Why did I NOT think to look for it in a jewellery box that was under my table *cries*.

♥ Dress: Leona Edminston

♥ Cardigan: Cotton On

♥ Belt: Valleygirl

♥ Tights: Razzamatazz

♥ Boots: Target

♥ Beanie: Sportsgirl

♥ Earrings: Present from Boy's parents

♥ Ring: Burlesque show

♥ Bag: Temt

Even though I had a pretty rough week, I do have some pieces of good news! I have a trial for a job next week, so fingers crossed for me would be much appreciated! I also have more news which isn't exactly ready yet, so keep your eyes on this post, because I will add it soon? AM I NOT INFURIATING?

And I just wanted to say happy birthday to lovely Amanda! Love you pretty lady!

Tomorrow night should I go out for Italian food or go and see Let The Right One In? These things are important, you see.


p.s Is anyone going to this? If so, see you there!

Rock N Roll Collectors Club
Hard to find rare records, CDs, DVDs and books on music
Venue: Leisure Life Centre, Victoria Park
17 May
9am - 3pm
Cost: $3 Adults

p.p.s Does anyone want to come to this with me next weekend?


  1. Love your outfit! It looks really warm and comfy =)

  2. This outfit looks SO good on you! You really suit darker colours! I love it. :)

  3. Love the mix of navy, black, and cognac! Also, I've got my fingers crossed for you xx

  4. if i can get the time off work - yes! and i am going to see nick cave, don't know when yet though. i love him a little bit

  5. nawww, thank you! love the way you're styled the dress with the belt + cardi, you look gorgeous.

    YAY more news, i wants! & oooh that nick cave thing would be cool, i'll look properly tomorrow :) we should totally do a blogger-rendezvous with miss kittentails!

  6. Emz - It was! Usually school halls are freezing, so I was glad :)
    Monster Girl - Aw, thank you!
    Annie - Gah! I'm so nervous! But thank you ♥
    kittentails - ME TOO! ♥ ♥ ♥ Yes we should have a bloggerdate to see it.

  7. I love the belted sweater look. I feel like I can't pull it off though...very cute!

  8. my fingers are crossed!!! :D
    can't you go out for italian and then see the movie?
    if you can't then go see the movie. it looks freaky but slightly comical. i can imagine her sucking on his neck then choking on his blood. heh.

  9. I absolutely love those boots!!! Hope you had a good time at the play, and good luck and fingers (and toes) crossed for the job trial next week!!

  10. i really love the color scheme of your outfit :D

  11. Join the Gossip - Thank you! :)
    A dreamer - They were on opposite sides of town :P so I'm going to see the movie this weekend hopefully!
    Katy - Thank you so much! ♥
    cindy - Thanks, I hardly ever wear all darker colours... maybe I should wear them more often!


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