Style Icons: Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette

One of my favourite musicals is the wonderfully weird, incredibly kitsch Little Shop of Horrors (the movie based on a play based on a movie!). The three chorus girls are called Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette and have gorgeous cotumes to match the du-wop soundtrack of the film. Director of the 1986 film Frank Oz said that these were his favourite characters in the film, and they're mine too!
Love the matching blue polka dots! The bust line is very cool indeed!
The girls were called Ronnette, Crystal and Chiffon after the girl groups of the same names in the 60's.
The girls act like the "Greek chorus" for the film, meaning that they speak (often in unison) to help explain the plot to the audience. This is why the girls appear in almost every scene.
Steve Martin is my favourite character from the movie - maybe I think it's so because my parents are dentists, so I've never had the fear of dentists that most people have! (Also, my mum & dad are not sadistic dentists like this guy. Just thought I should point that out.)
My favourite outfits from the movie... but they're in the creepiest song!
It's a bit hard to tell in this shot but they're wearing amazing red fringed dresses. With matching gloves, of course.
Have you seen the movie? Like it? Loathe it?


  1. never seen it but gosh it looks so fun!
    polka dots are so cute

  2. Tis amazing :) But the plant or...ooh what's it called, "womans name 2" That woman's name anyway! yes,it's scary!

  3. Don't Forget the "Y" - Haha thank you!
    A dreamer - Ahh, you should see it! It's awesome!
    Lovellie - Audrey 2! Yes it's pretty freaky... have you heard about the alternate ending where it takes over the world and KILLS EVERYTHING? Very scary indeed!

  4. Wow! Gotta love the coordination, and those blue polka dot dresses are stunning! Haha, Steve Martin looks fantastic in the biker's jacket.

  5. Wow - those blue dresses are amazing, imagine walking around in them!

  6. Dapper Kid - Haha I know! I think it's his only costume (apart from a dentist's smock :P) so lucky he can pull it off!
    Pretty Little Picture - The pencil skirt looks pretty extreme, argh I love them so much!

  7. I soooo need to see it!

  8. I haven't seen that movie, just the ooold one. Seems I should check it out!


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