I love... CuteAbility!

I was reading through Em's blog the other day (creepy? Discuss), and she mentioned a necklace from Etsy shop CuteAbility. It was an adorable necklace, so I thought I would go and have a look. This stuff is pretty much MADE for me. It has teacups! And features food as jewellery a lot of the time! Eeee!
SAUSAGE & EGG MCMUFFIN EARRINGS ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS. These are so adorable. Instead of wearing them on what is basically a hangover breakfast at Maccas, wear them with a cute blue pinafore frock on a classy brunch date with your lover. Speaking of Maccas hangover breakfasts, when I was a young 'un two of my best friends and I hideously misjudged the "seedy next morning" breakfast window and turned up to Maccas looking like something pulled out of a drain, just as lots of wholesome families were arriving after church and whatnot. Just a word to the wise...
Last Saturday, I was up absurdly early for some reason, and Alice in Wonderland (the original Disney cartoon version) happened to be on. Since then, I have heard SO MUCH stuff about Alice in Wonderland, this adorable necklace being no exception. The outfit I imagine it with is one that is already cute to begin with - say, a black cropped trench coat, jeans, cute flats and a beret - and yet when you look more closely there's an adorable necklace peeking out at you.
From the product description: Toast is securely glued in and even though the pop up Lever will work, please don't pop the Toast up or you might lose your Toast! IS THAT NOT THE MOST ADORABLE THING. I can see one of those ever-bubbly girls wearing one of these with a pink poodle skirt and a black-and-white gingham shirt, with her hair in victory rolls and glittery eyeliner.
One of my (aforementioned in Sausage & Egg McMuffin anecdote) best friends got me two fish for Christmas last year. I called them Sid and Nancy and (somewhat prophetically) Nancy died first, and Sid died about a month ago. Anyway, I like this necklace. I could see it on a quirky sociology student, worn with a black and white striped t-shirt, black jeans that are ripped at the knees and a pair of floral Doc Martens.
And of course I would have to feature a teacup; it is, after all, in the blog's name. I can see this on a vintage-loving lass, worn with a cream lace dress and battered tan boots, with cobweb tights. I think it should be worn on an op-shopping expedition to all the remote country op-shops, and it would bring enough luck for the girl wearing it to unearth a vintage Dior clutch underneath all the Roxy/Billabong backpacks.
Gorgeous, right? Very sweet & intricate & whimsical & all the good stuff. I like it very much. I will be ordering some when (if?) I get my government bonus!


  1. haha i do that will all you girls' blogs once in a while :) it's funny to read back about things that happened when i didn't know them! (not you, clearly. haha)

    anyway, CUTE!

  2. omgosh so cute!!!!
    i want to eat all of them!
    awww i hate it when fish die. and doesn't every kid seem to make the mistake of over feeding the fish to death?

  3. Lovely choices, I'm sure you'd like my tea cup ring! :)

  4. Nothing I would wear, but I'd definetly love to see it on other people. Very cute!

  5. amanda - Haha yeah, I do it all the time. But I am a bit of a pervy creep like that.
    WendyB - Me too!
    a dreamer - Haha, yes. Well I definitely did.
    Lunarra Star Jewellery - I will have to check it out :)
    josephine wayward - I love it! & hello!

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  7. Oh wow what beautiful and cute pieces :) I so want that Drink Me necklace lol. And the teacup one is beautiful!

  8. Oh these are too too cute! I think that I must have that goldfish. I can't seem to keep the other type alive.

  9. oh i love this shop - i've seen it on a few blogs lately. i must bookmark it!

  10. whoaaaah too cute little things!!!
    i want all !!!


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