Etsy Love: Honeypop Jewellery

Cupcake ring from Honeypop Jewellery

I was trawling through Etsy a few nights back, and while searching for "cupcake rings" I found the irresistably cute jewlery by Honeypop Jewellery. Even the name screams adorable! If Claudia Kishi was a real person, I think that she would spend all her BSC money on these babies. It was extremely hard to narrow down 17 pages of items to six or seven favourites, but here they are...

Um. I NEED THIS RING. I am actually going to a vinyl record fair in a couple of weeks. I would wear this with a cute tartan skirt, sparkly gold stockings, a cardigan and a massive pair of headphones. I'm sure that it would help me charm the sellers into giving me $5 off The Beatles' White Album.

My dinosaur friend (I have named him Steven) would be infintely helpful in uni exams. I would wear him with a little black sweater dress, jeans that are so ripped they're almost falling apart, and an inexcusably loud pair of pink Doc Martens. I have a feeling he would know a lot about anthropology.

This skeleton hands necklace is deliciously creepy and a nice contrast to lots of the overly girly stuff on the site. I think these would look fantastic worn somewhere unexpected, like to the ballet, and worn with something innocent enough to offset the creepiness. A floral dress with a cardigan and delightfully whimiscal shoes would match these perfectly.

I don't know why, but I LOVE when jewellery is made to look like food. These pizza slice earrings are some of my favourites. These would look scrumptious worn on a quiet night in with your lover, watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and eating a big bowl of popcorn. You could be wearing a pair of scummy old PJ's but at least your ears will look cute!

Since I read Sparkle and Glitter's most recent Sparkle Shopping article, I have been obsessed with the idea of a big plastic diamond necklace. I'm kind of uneasy about owning a real one after watching Blood Diamond, and I think that having such a huge, gaudy, plastic diamond necklace is kind of hilarious. Anyway, I would wear this one out with friends at an intimate Chinese restuarant, with a sequinned tuxedo jacket, skinny black jeans, and dominatrix-esque heels. Pearly fingernails would complete the look.

I think I actually HAD these Barbie shoes. How adorable that they're turned into earrings! I think the only way to wear these would be to a girly movie with your best friends, paired with a spotted pencil skirt, singlet and matching pumps to the ones in the earrings.

Finally, this adorable soda pop ring would be perfect worn to the birthday party of anyone you love. Wear it with a dress that would make Betsey Johnson jealous and a tiara in your hair, and be sure to use erratic and dramatic hand gestures so that everybody notices this slice of gorgeousness sitting prettily on your hand. Make sure to wear a baby pink manicure to complement it!

A long post, but I had fun putting it together! All the pieces here are VERY reasonably priced, so get in quick!



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  1. haha shit. you are like my best friend. she loooooves earings that look like food too

    ALSO BABY. can you please tell me about the vinyl record fair?

    i am interested in such things.


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