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I am a winter girl. While summer is all well and good, I swoon over coats & berets & tights & scarves... I look forward to it all year (even though living in Australia it is NOWHERE NEAR as cold as anywhere else in the world!). Here are six winter cover-ups which should be staples in any woman's (or man's!) wardrobe.

A classic trench
Warning: trench coats may cause spontaneous kissing in the rain. A trench coat is pretty much the best investment you can make. Wikipedia says that in popular culture, trench coats are usually worn by "gun-toting heroes, mainly for their ability to conceal large amounts of guns without drawing suspicion"... but I am a pacifist, so I prefer to think of them on the likes of Audrey Hepburn! Burberry is the go-to for exceptionally well-made and recognisable trench coats, but they're such a stylish addition to any wardrobe that you can buy them pretty much anywhere. I got a great cropped one from Target a few years ago that comes out every winter, and then another one from Dotti which isn't quite as warm but still very stylish!

A statement coat
As much as I love winter, I will concede that it can be pretty boring with all the black coats around. So, get a statement coat! This one is fantastic because it's both a bright colour and an amazing shape, but you might want to do one or the other because this look would be hard to pull off! However, as you can see from the picture, it's worth it. This outfit - stockings, lace up shoes, and a long t-shirt - would be nondescript if it wasn't for the gorgeous pink coat spicing it up. Some more of my favourite statement jackets are seen on the likes of Super Kawaii Mama.

The tuxedo jacket
There are a lot more modern ways to wear the tuxedo jacket but, for me, the iconic image of it is Helmut Newton's 1975 photograph of the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit. Now, a tuxedo jacket can be worn with anything from jeans to an evening dress to a tutu! I love the look of a tuxedo jacket with a short skirt, ripped leggings and Doc Martens; I love the formality of a tuxedo jacket - something traditionally worn by men - worn with something so feminine and dressed down, I think the contrast is very sexy.

I'm not a huge fan of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, but I will say that the paparazzi pictures of them are often amazing. I think that their off-duty style is better than their red carpet style, to be honest! Cardigans are a great layering piece, especially for the weird transitional autumn period Perth is going through right now. I don't see it too often here, but cardigans look FANTASTIC on men, especially the always stylish & wonderful Dapper Kid. Anyway, I like them the best when they're long and layered for kind of a grungy look - I respond more to those pictures than to ones where they're cropped and preppy (even though I rocked the hell out of a cardigan exactly like that last winter!).

A leather jacket
Like the tuxedo jacket, I love a leather jacket dressed down. I think a leather jacket sends an entirely different message, though - a tuxedo jacket brings elegance to any outfit, while a leather jacket sends a message of toughness, grunge, sexiness, and rock'n'roll. In this outfit in particular, the leather jacket does something that I think most people do with leather jackets - use it to toughen up an otherwise very pretty outfit. My lovely friend Bambola demonstrates the transformative powers of a good leather jacket.

Something that is comfort over style
Let's face it. When you come home from uni/work/being generally fabulous, you want to put on the sartorial equivalent of mashed potatoes - something comfortable, warm and that puts a grin on your face. My personal favourite for this situation is my school leavers jumper - it's toasty warm and extremely comfortable, but I would NEVER wear it outside the house. On me, it's really unflattering, and it has numerous tea & coffee stains all over it! However, when I get home, there is nothing I would rather wear! (Also, the photo is from here :P!)

So, do you own these jackets? Have any you like to add? What do you think? I would especially love to hear the opinions of people who actually have a cold winter, I don't think that 23 degree weather really qualifies as freezing!


  1. great post miss! & omg those boots on the blonde girl... NEED. in fact, that entire outfit is gorgeous.

  2. Classic trench coats always make me think of kissing in the rain & sexy spies.

    My leavers jumper is my cuddly winter fail safe - however I would never wear it in public =]

  3. well you'll be glad to know that i indeed own a trenchcoat.. but due to this unseasonal weather (in western aus), i have been unable to really wear it, lol.

    a very educatin' blog (:

  4. I found a modern version of a trench that I'd just LOVE to get my hands on.

    I have the classic black coat - that warrants a mention...

    The leather jacket, & a short red coat are both in my possession...

    Just gotta get me some hug oversized cardis

    WONDERFUL post my dear, especially as we come up to Winter xxx

  5. Well, now I'M rocking the hell out of that cardigan!

    *wardrobe stealer*


  6. YEAH! i wear my fleecy primary school jumper all the time! glad you share this dorky habbit.
    and i LOVE your hamburger phone.

  7. amanda - Gah, I know! It's from Lookbook so you might be able to see some more pictures of her... I saved the picture on my computer ages ago so I don't know her name!
    Carly - I wouldn't either, one of my friends does all the time but she manages to pull it off! Maybe because her nickname on the back is her last name, not some ridiculous in-joke like mine!
    Bambola - I am very jealous of your coat wardrobe! I'm sure it will come in handy when you go to Europe :)
    SCOTT - Hooray, another WA person! Trench coat you say? I'm glad such a stylish gent is reading my blog!
    emily jane - Umm... I was going to throw it out because a hole in the back. HA HA you did not even NOTICE FOOL!
    A dreamer - Thank you! Unfortunately it has died now so it is purely ornamental. People never believed it was a real phone anyway!

  8. Although I long for summer in the winter, and winter in the summer; i prefer winter too myself. Gives you a whole lot more options considering clothes

  9. xnapoleonx - Definitely, in summer I always just wear a dress, or a shirt & shorts... SO MUCH MORE to wear in winter!
    Kathy - Me too! I wish I knew where it was from...

  10. There shall always be one classic trench in my wardrobe for winter! I so need to buy some leather before autumn, would love to wear it on a tie. And how amazing would it be to have a super loud statement coat?! Oh, and thank you so, so much for the mention dear :)

  11. My those boots are amazing!
    Love the burger phone :)


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