What I Wore 14.04.09

This is what I wore to see... um... 17 Again with Evilspawn from High School Musicals. He appears shirtless in a scene and there was literally screaming from girls in the audience. UM WHAT? NO.

♥ Dress - Witchery

♥ Bracelets - same mix as yesterday, with tiger head bracelet from Diva

♥ Shoes - I put on my Rubi shoes before I left

I am convinced that the maxi dress - and in particular, the knitted maxi dress - is the perfect piece of clothing. It is comfy for two hour train rides, perfect for hot weather, and doesn't get too cold in a movie theater. It is lovely.

Tonight I am off to a Tarantino & board games night at my lovely friend Emma's house.




  1. Gorgeous dress!!! Try not to look so scared of the camera flash =P

    But yeah. I love that dress.

    Also. Screaming from the audience?? That's just not on.

  2. that dress looks amazing on you.

    i have to say, there were all of 5 people over 16 at the screening i went to & i'm surprised there WASN'T screaming. however, most importantly, did you like the movie?

  3. lol! My friend wants to see that, and I must say, I'd watch it just to watch him.. but not to squeal or anything XD

    Cute dress though ^_^ Perfect for Spring.


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