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I may not exactly be an "International Playgirl", but having a family that lives a couple of hours away means that I need to have outfits that are comfortable, easy to lounge around in and still look good after snoozing/making iPod playlists/drinking chocolate milk on the train.

Usually I wear my Witchery maxi dress - it's knitted, so it's nice and cool; it's really soft, so in technical terms, it's like wearing a blanket; and it's still stylish enough so that I can wander out the airport (or, in my case, Bunbury train station) looking relatively put-together.

I put together some outfits on Polyvore that I think would be awesome from anything from a two hour train ride to a twenty hour flight to Paris:

With a coat that already looks like a dressing gown, this outfit is pretty much built for a long flight to a fabulous destination. Wedges won't be too uncomfortable to walk around the airport in, and the cute tank can smile at people even when you feel like growling at anyone who looks you in the eye. Flash some red fingernails while you grip an oversized coffee.
Why not delight the other passengers on a train ride? Jitterbug down the aisles in a rockabilly-inspired outfit that makes you look like an extra from Cry Baby. Accessorise with a bow tie on your wrist, cat's eye glasses and a cute clutch.

Do these pants look like the most comfy things ever or what? Wearing an outfit of muted tones would be very soothing for a red-eye flight, I think. I absolutely adore this T-shirt. This outfit makes me think of a girl on a plane scribbling furiously in her notebook and reading book after book after book.
So some of my tips would be:
♥ Always take a cardigan or jacket. Even in the middle of summer, air-conditioning on most transport is turned up so high that you NEED something to drape around you.
♥ It's really not worth wearing a ton of jewelry to the airport when you'll have to just take it all off. Common sense really but when I went to Melbourne I was surprised at all the people who had to take off stacks of bracelets AND a ring AND three necklaces. OK that was me. But still. Look into plastic jewelry, headscarves, and basically anything that doesn't make clinking noises.
♥ Wear some cute nail polish. I don't know why but even if I look like a total slob I feel a bit better if I have well-manicured nails. Don't forget to take your nail polish out of your carry-on bag before you go through customs!
♥ Bring an extra book. This might just be me because I devour books but I always finish my book in the first hour of the journey and spend the rest of the time poking Boy in the ribs/sighing loudly in a bored manner/resorting to reading the on-flight magazine. NO.
♥ Always make sure that everything is fully charged. There is nothing worse than spending all your time making awesome "Flight to London" playlist and then running out of battery halfway through rockin' out to The Kinks. Also, for some reason I always forget to bring my iPod headphones. It makes me very sad to think of all the music trapped on my iPod when that happens.
♥ Nothing is more stylish than someone who is polite & charming to the staff. You're going on a holiday that you're presumably excited about, so why be rude to people? Why not start being fabulous right there in the airport?
I'm going to Bunbury tomorrow to watch my sister in a play, so I will try and take some of my own advice. I know a lot of fabulous people going on amazing trips soon - hopefully this will be of some help... although one of the people is one of my best friends and I wish she wasn't leaving!


  1. Awesome outfits!! They all look really super comfy! :)

    Have fun in Bunbury!

    P.S. LOVE the new layout. It's brilliant

  2. Bambola - Thank you Miss Bambola! ♥

  3. bowtie on the wrist. such a chic idea. <3


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