Shoe Lust

OK, so when I'm not wistfully thinking of cute gumboots, I daydream about owning these pieces of fantasticness... it's Easter soon... is that an excuse to buy all of them? Note: Other excuses include: "I just handed in a presentation, I should buy shoes"; "It's a Wednesday, maybe I should pick up some shoes?"; "I haven't bought any new shoes for a while, maybe I should buy some RIGHT NOW"; "I'm helping the economy - you're welcome, K. Rudd!"

Anyway, at the moment I am very much into the structured, heavy, crazy-architectural-design shoes. Have a look:
Wittner 'Asset' heels, $179.95

Wittner 'Soultry' wedges, $199.95 (IF YOU BUY THESE FOR ME I WILL KISS YOU. ON THE LIPS)
Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Buckingham' heels, $249.00

Peeptoe Shoes 'Miss Aqua' heels, $249.00
Siren 'Geisha' wedges, $169.95
Siren 'Rasta' (? But anyway) boots, $279.95


  1. i have the geisha wedges! i love them. & i looooove those boots, karla wore a similar vintage pair in a recent post & i was already lusting after those.

  2. ooh, i love the wittner soultry wedges! and the kapitol brogues... GORGEOUS.

  3. The first and third have my heart fluttering away!! Definitely good excuses to buy shoes ;)

  4. Those boots are good, and you know they would keep coming back every few years forever.

  5. Those are so hot, especially the scaly Aqua ones!!


  6. I love those wedges!!!!

  7. amanda - Ahh lucky! Are they comfy?
    Gem - I've been wanting heeled brogues for AGES, I have flat ones that I hardly ever wear! I'm glad they're still "in style" for this winter!
    dapper kid - yes, I plan to act on those excuses soon!
    Skye - Yeah, I need some classic boots that are also easy to walk around uni in!
    Couture Carrie - I know, I love them!
    Cari - I wish I could find them in store but I haven't yet :( soon maybe!

  8. Those brogues.. so gorgeous.
    Haha I love trying to find any reason possible to buy something even if it's really far fetched

  9. Are the Wittner wedges current? I love them! xx


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