Monday lovin'

I saw a post on blackcigarette about most romantic real-life couples. Even though I think that people picking "favourite" celebrity couples is a bit weird... some of the pictures were just too cute not to share! Photos are credited to the LJ user who posted them, all others are from my computer!

Michelle & Barack Obama

Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson (I know they've broken up, but what a cute picture)

Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

David Bowie & Iman

Noel Fielding & Dee Plume

George Harrison & Patti Boyd

Any you want to add? :)




  1. I love Serge and Jane - they ALWAYS looked like they were having a fantastic time.

  2. i miss adam brody. where'd that cutie go... ?

    awwwww @ Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore

  3. shannon - They're my favourite! I think I might have to have a Serge & Jane day every week on this blog, I have that many pictures! They always look like "Yes, we are in love. Now leave us so we can go off somewhere and have sexy French sex".
    A dreamer - I know! What happened to him? I know he was in a movie a while ago and then.... nothing...

  4. george! my heart just melts for him. i found out today he's getting his star on the hollywood walk of fame soon! i'm so excited. he doesn't seem too interested in patti there though. she was just his babe little go-go dancer. i read a line once that i've thought of a lot since about paul being the only beatle to have had a happy first marriage. there's another beautiful couple- paul and linda! also i really love pictures of maggie gyllenhaal and peter saarsgard (way too many double-vowels in that family!), especially if ramona's with them. but then i'm a bit biased because i just wish i was peter and could kiss maggie!
    great post! and sorry about the excessive comment.

    ps- is it just me, or do noel and dee look like they're THE SAME PERSON!?

  5. i heart this post super-much. love every single couple.

  6. damn that Dee Plume, ruining all my hopes and dreams of ever enjoying sexytime with Noel Fielding...

  7. brodie - Oh yay! Another George fan! I love him. The photos of him are just YUM. And oh! Sarsgaaaaaaard and Gyllenhaaaal! I love them (Maggie especially)!
    amanda - I love the photos, they are fantastic! ♥
    Ali-bell - Tell me about it! Although you may have some competition from Noel, I LOVE HIM!

  8. aww, george harrison is/was my favourite beatle.

    i like isla fischer and the borat guy. unlikely and cute.


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