I Love... Plueys!

Hello kittens!

For the past few days I've been in contact with the lovely Audrey of Plueys, who make some excellent and very cute gumboots (and we all know I am a fan)! Exciting news - she very generously offered readers of Gin in a Teacup 15% off all gumboots available from their website! Hooray! Here are my favourites...

The 'Catstooth' print is simply adorable. I can see them being worn by a quirky librarian to work on a rainy day, as she sits in the corner reading Nabokov, drinking tea and eating ginger snaps.

The 'Go Fish' boot would be worn by a girl who works in a pet-store, with turquoise hair and purple fingernails. Her favourite pets are - what else? - the fish, and she owns two Japanese fighting fish called Sid and Nancy.

The 'Oooh La Lace' would be worn by a stylish party girl, who doesn't want to trade in her fishnets once winter hits. She'll keep her feet nice and dry while waiting outside of her favourite club.

The 'Catstooth' print is definitely my favourite, don't be surprised to see it adorning my feet once it starts raining!

If you want to buy any of Pluey's delightful boots for yourself, enter the code "havesometea" when you get to the checkout! This offer lasts until the 30th of September, so there is enough time for people on both sides of the globe to put their feet into something pretty! A note - there is ONE USE PER CUSTOMER ONLY.


p.s This probably goes without saying, but I wouldn't feature a product on my blog that I wouldn't wear/use myself! I don't get any sort of payment from Plueys by featuring them on my blog, but I think you'll enjoy the discount (& the product!) if you choose to use it! Also, I would have put this up yesterday but I didn't want y'all to think it was some April Fool's joke :P


  1. I <3 the lace ones!! I've been looking for some super cool gumboots too!!! =D

    Thank youuuu

    Bambola x

  2. the first one is heart meltingly cute. aw shit! i forgot to play some april fools pranks. damn school work.

  3. I love those aqua peep-toe shoes! They are mermaid-tastic.

  4. My favourites the 'catstooth' too. Unleash your inner librarian! :)


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