This is just a quick hello-I-have-my-Internet-back-so-please-forgive-me post, regular posting will resume tomorrow! I am SO GLAD to have the Internet back, thank you to my lovely mum for buying me a wireless modem (someone cut the phone line that goes into my apartment! Booo!). Anyway, here are some lovely Lula pictures to pass the time while I get some posts organised.

Thanks for continuing to read even though the site has been severely lacking in content! I can buy you all a cupcake and you will forgive me. Yes?


p.s This post by Poppy Gallico is SO INCREDIBLE. It pretty much blew my mind that someone could be so honest and still have a coherent argument! I heart you Poppy!


  1. cupcakes solve everything, don't they? Hehe can't wait for a post about Tara-world of late! :)

  2. man I love lula so damn much it hurts sometimes.


    p.s cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes


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