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50 years of popular songs condensed into single sentences. This made me laugh! Send it to all the music nerds you know!

♥ What do you think of the new ad campaign for Agent Provocateur?

A model goes from 10 to 60, using makeup and lighting. I think this is interesting.

♥ Check out Gem's Etsy store, it is fantastique! But please don't buy the Fawngirls print... I want it to be a housewarming gift to myself! I've already picked out where it is going to go!

♥ Sorry to be Perth-specific, but kittentails has posted a list of all the op- and secondhand shops in Perth! I have BIG op-shopping plans for my weeks off. Thanks kittentails!

♥ I loved Nubby Twiglet's post on Style Signatures. Do you have any? Want any?

♥ I also loved Shannon's post on "What's Your Sexy Style?", or as she says, "outfits that make you want to wank yourself into a coma". Hee!

♥ This has been blogged quite a few places recently, but I LOVE the 1000 Awesome Things site. My favourites: here, here, here, here and here! (I could go on all day... this site is AWESOME!)

Amanda posted this shoot featuring Emma Watson. I like the idea of the shoot but I think she is MUCH prettier without so much makeup shovelled onto her face. My favourite photo:

Phew! Quite a lot of links to get through... enjoy!



  1. from 10-60 was very interesting indeed. were they photoshopped in anyway? they would have to be right?
    if they weren't then the make up artist and photographer are very very talented.

    Agent Provocateur ad- ...looks like the cover of those erotic novels.

    i much prefer emma without makeup too.

  2. Nice post ^_^
    Love Emma's photoshoot, and thanks for introducing me to "1000 awesome things" :D

  3. hey!!! thanks for linking to me and you have to let me know what you ended up finding / where you went!! :D


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