What I Wore 31.03.09 + New Hair!

So this is what I wore to go and get my hair cut this morning - and run other various errands, including getting the latest NYLON and writing an article, but who cares! New hair!
♥ Dress: Secondhand
♥ Cardigan: Cotton On
♥ Earrings: Diva
♥ Tights: ?
♥ Shoes: Miss Shop from Myer
And this is my hair! I feel like a mod... ROCK OUT MOD STYLE!
I really like it! It'll take some getting used to (I keep looking up thinking that there's something on my forehead... which I guess there is, but I keep forgetting it's just my hair) but I'm happy with it. I got it cut at Toni&Guy, since there was a 25% off voucher in this month's Cleo. If you like it and want to go there, I had it cut by Steph and she was lovely! I had it cut at 9:15, which I recommend because there's no one else waiting and so I didn't have to have my appointment rushed or anything like that.

Tonight I'm going to dinner at my friend's house, so I have to go and make some cupcakes while I watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is just one of those days.


  1. =O

    It looks awesome! I love the blunt fringe! Really suits you too.

    SO CUTE!

    I think you've just inspired my next hair style.


  2. You look so different in that last photo. Good different though.


  3. i love it! it really suits you :)

  4. I love the new hair! I want new hair myself! I was thinking a pixie sort of thing..but then the fizz/summer and short hair don't go well together...I am torn!

  5. I LOVE IT! you look amazing :)

  6. i love big fringes! it really suits you. I had one once but it never really suited me :(

  7. Bambola - Ooh exciting! How are you getting it cut?
    Gem - Thank you lovely! I featured your Fawngirls print in my next post :) I plan to buy it sooooon!
    Sara - I think your hair would look great like that! If you had it cut well, it probably wouldn't go frizzy... but my hair is naturally straight so I'm no expert!
    amanda - Aw thanks cutie!
    Helen - The last time I tried to get a big fringe they cut it WAY too short and uneven... it looked horrible! I was a bit apprehensive about getting it cut in a fringe again but luckily it worked out!

  8. oh man that's a good haircut! you look lovely.

  9. YOU LOOK SO CUTE WITH A FRINGE!!! Argh, I love it!

  10. your hair looks fabulous and you really suit darker colours and layers clothes-wise! Love!

  11. new forehead warmer is looking gerrreat!!!

  12. brodie - Aww, thank you! I know when it comes to hair and stuff "it's only important if YOU like it" but it's nice when other people like it too :P
    Em - YAY! Thank you!
    Monster Girl - That's nice of you to say! I will have to start layering more :D
    a dreamer - HAHA forehead warmer, I haven't heard that before!

  13. I love your haircut =) When I first got bangs I had a uncontrollable impulse to shove it away from my face lol

  14. Emz - Haha, mine aren't toooo long so I haven't had that urge yet but I used to have a side fringe so I know what you mean!
    Annie - Thank you! ♥


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