Tara needs your help!

For a while I've been thinking of the direction that I would like this blog to go in. When I started it I thought of it more as a fashion blog, but I guess if you're writing in something quite frequently, it's hard not to let your "real life" creep into it!
I remember Em saying that her blog was a personal journal of sorts, and I think that is kind of the thing I would eventually like to achieve. But! You are the people reading, so if you wouldn't mind providing some feedback I would be eternally grateful!

Would you like...

♥ more article-type posts (like this, or this)?

♥ less posts about "style icons"?

♥ more or less stuff about my life?

♥ interviews with bloggers & other inspiring people?

♥ more photos?

♥ more "Bits & Pieces" posts?

♥ more of my Etsy picks?

♥ reviews of brands, movies, books etc?

Please let me know in the comments, that would be awesome! Even something like "Don't change anything" or "I like this stuff" would be extremely helpful.




  1. personally i like your article-type posts a lot, whether they're fashion-related or not (but i do think you do VERY good analysis-type stuff on fashion, like your pocketto article) & also your posts about personal stuff.

    personally i don't tend to like/read interviews with other bloggers, but everyone seems to be doing them so i guess other people like em! haha. umm oh & i definitely like your style icons posts!

  2. I think your blog is great. More stuff about your life would be cool. It's nice to know what people are up to... just cause I'm nosey like that.

    Etsy picks is a good way to share sellers you like - sometimes there is so much on there it's hard to know where to start.

    Bambola x

  3. More about the life of Miss Tara - would like to get to know the real you better!

  4. ♥ more article-type posts Yep yep

    ♥ less posts about "style icons"? Nope - style icons posts are good :)

    ♥ more or less stuff about my life? more more more

    ♥ interviews with bloggers & other inspiring people? no no no. been done. everyone is basically the same. (ooh, I'm going to get hit for that)

    ♥ more photos? yep yep yep yep yep yep yep

    ♥ more "Bits & Pieces" posts? less, but with more bits and pieces.

    ♥ more of my Etsy picks? nope.

    ♥ reviews of brands, movies, books etc? nope.

    I'm in a weird mood... but I love you.

  5. i like it when you talk about your life. and ilike your article sorta stuff. that's interesting. and i'd love to read more reviews on books movies etc. :D

  6. i like your blog how it is, but i would like to know more about your life (heh, i'm nosy like that)

  7. I like your Etsy posts cause I often get lost in the site and you have good taste.

  8. I love your blog, Tara :) My favourite feature is undoubtedly your 'Daily Outfit' photos - you always look spectacular and I love knowing how stylish ladies like yourself put their outfits together! As for the rest:

    ♥ More article-type posts (like this, or this)?


    ♥ Less posts about "style icons"?

    No way, bring it on!

    ♥ More or less stuff about my life?

    More, more, MORE! The jury is in - we all want to know more about the lovely Tara! :)

    ♥ Interviews with bloggers & other inspiring people?

    Absolutely - I still adore these segments! It fascinates me to no end to discover what makes other lady bloggers tick, or to learn how someone else has carved their way into the world!

    ♥ More photos?


    ♥ More "Bits & Pieces" posts?

    Why not?

    ♥ More of my Etsy picks?

    Not being an Etsy user, this is the only possibility so far that doesn't fill me with excitement! However, having said that, your picks may just inspire me to use it!

    ♥ Reviews of brands, movies, books etc?

    Hmm, I could go either way on this one - if they make you happy, go for it!

    Hope these answers have helped, and that you've had a fantastic weekend!


  9. Thank you guys for your help! I really appreciate it :D


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