I'm obsessed with...

♥ My Wii Fit. I've done at least half an hour on it every day since I got it two weeks ago, which might not sound like much but, for an exercise-phobe like me, is A LOT! Anyway. It is my new boyfriend. I love it.

♥ This photo:

This outfit of Annie Spandex's. And Annie Spandex in general.

♥ This dress, which got a bashing on Go Fug Yourself but I am totally crushing on it:

♥ This song! I've always loved Emiliana Torrini but it is great to hear a song that is more upbeat and not so beautifully melancholy.

♥ The idea of owning a pair of pink patent Doc Marten boots. They are number one on my wish list right now (along with a pair of nude-coloured heels).
♥ Season 1 of Skins - and everything Cassie wears, ever. Although I probably won't be able to watch About a Boy again without feeling wrong.

♥ The latest issue of Russh.

Is there anything you're obsessed with at the moment?


p.s - more outfit posts to come soon, I promise!


  1. Man I love that first photo! Where did you yoink that from, beautiful? (And you would totally rock some hot pink docs, btw)

  2. I am grumpy because my newsagency hasn't got the latest copy of Russh yet so I had to make do with Silver.

    I love Jungle Drums!!

  3. I love that song! Okay, I will admit it, I have never heard of her, but I have now. I love the great drum noises she makes. Off to itunes with me!

  4. Monster Girl - I honestly can't remember! I think it was in a NYLON ages ago?
    Shannon - I haven't read Silver, is it good?
    Gin Fancier - You will love her!

  5. http://pipeline.refinery29.com/under_the_influence/sweet_georgia_the_sultry_jagge.php

    Georgia Jagger for Vogue Russia.


    Designing shoes for my unborn child.

  6. I love Wii Fit! Have fun : )

  7. Glad you're enjoying WiiFit! I'd love to get that ^_^

    And wow, Cassie looks different.. but the same ..! Now I'm curious what Skin is! lol.

  8. This slipped past me!! Thank you so much <3 <3 <3


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