What I Wore 20 & 21.02.09

This is the first time I've been out two nights in a week for ages! And by 'out' I mean home by about 12.30. I will stop before I sound too much like a nanna. Although this week I will be doing it again! Eep! Will I turn into the next Cory Kennedy or some such character?

Friday night was Boy and my friend's (and Em's brother! WOAH SMALL WORLD) birthday at Tiger Lil's. Usually I hate going there because a) it is super crowded and b) I always go on a Friday when people are dressed from work and I am wearing something ridiculous like a prom dress and tiara. But this time the party was in a private booth and of course I had the wonderful Em & Reece to keep me company!
Dress (new!): Mooloola (from City Beach outlet)
Earrings (hidden): Diva
Shoes: Zu
Purse (I call him Batty): Genki
I gotta be honest, this outfit really doesn't feel like 'me'! I only really wore it so I wouldn't feel too casual when people around me are so dressed up. I did envision wearing this dress with stockings and a cute little cardigan but considering it was about fifty million degrees I had to reconsider. I do love the shoes though, they are some of my favourites to wear out when I have to stand up for a while.
Saturday night was the 20th birthday of one of my best friends. I started off going to her house in Joondalup and ended up in Fremantle, after a TWO HOUR trip. And I am sorry to say that by the time I got into Freo and saw the line for the club she wanted to go to, I instead got my Hungry Jacks from the 24hr place across the road and headed off home.
Dress: Secondhand
Shoes: Zoom
Earrings: Diva
I never know what to wear out to clubs and stuff because I rarely go! I didn't feel like wearing a short tight dress that seems to be favoured by many Perth ladies I saw out and about, so hopefully a vintage bridesmaid's dress was OK?

Can I ask you sartorially blessed ladies (and men!) - what do YOU wear when you go out dancing? I find it hard to get the quirky look I love when I know I will be sweated on and sulking at waiting in line and most likely spilling drinks on myself.



  1. You look fab, I particularly like that second dress!

    I usually wear a skirt and top, since dresses fit me weirdly. I like to combine a plain top with a huge polka-dot circle skirt and lots of jewellery, or for more formal occasions I'll wear something short and sparkly!

  2. wow miss, you look amazing in both of those!

  3. I'm with amanda on this one! You look gorgeous!!

    & out dancing? Really it's whatever you feel comfortable in. There's nothing worse than getting to 12/1am & feeling like you want to cut your legs off!



  4. tara, that blue dress is boobilicious!! lol.

    I always wear shorts or pants to clubs, I never feel comfortable getting my groove on wearing skirts or dresses. this may have something to do with the time I wore my leopard print dress to the club i worked at on my off night and one of my bouncer friends lifted the skirt over my head and flashed my white g-string to everyone. Luckily, it was fairly early in the night. I was wearing 5" heels and I chased him around the bar and down the stairs before tipping my drink over his head.

    Anyway, I go with Liv - wear whatever you're comfy in.

  5. I was thinking about this yesterday, funnily enough. I have no idea what I would wear to a club! :S But you look lovely in that teal dress, just stunning.

  6. Oh my goodness Tara, you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The first dress is so gorgeous and chic, and the second dress is absolutely stunning.. the colour is beautiful!

    As for what I wear when I go out, usually something involving sequins ;D But definitely just a pretty dress and some heels, with some ballet flats tucked into my bag for later!

  7. you look great in both outfits! and i don't know what I'd wear clubbing... i haven't been to a nightclub in over two years, lol... I'm more into the live music scene.

  8. You looked gorgeous sweets! Oh, prom dress & tiara, you're giving me ideas! <3

  9. Vixel - Ooh, I like the polka-dot skirt idea! Maybe it will be popping up in an outfit post soon! :P
    amanda - Thank you dear!
    Bambola - Argh I know! That's the worst! But wearing flats out makes me feel so underdressed :P
    Shannon - HAHA! Sorry, it probably wasn't funny. And hee, YOU are the boobilicious lady!
    josephine wayward - Thank you pretty lady!
    a cat of impossible colour - You're lovely! :)
    Miss_Corrine - I have a sequinned dress I might have to bust out next time I go clubbing, it is a very Studio 54 type dress!
    Gem - Me too, that seems easier to dress up for, for some reason?
    Em - Hehe, it would be awesome, yes?


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