What I Wore 05.02.09

Today I did some last minute shopping before I started to tackle my MASSIVE to-do list of things that need to happen before I go away! Argh! Stress! Eek! But apart from that I have been working my way through seasons 2 & 3 of Scrubs. I love that show.
Yesterday I did some second-to-last minute shopping for Rottnest and picked up this fantastic skirt from David Jones! I love it so much. This is perhaps the world's most simple outfit but I kind of just wanted an outfit that showed off the skirt. Unfortunately it started to ride up when I was on the bus, and when I was pulling it down I fell off my seat. It was kind of embarrassing.

♥ Skirt - Something
♥ Singlet - Cotton On
♥ Shoes - I ♥ Billy

Also, on my travels today I picked up this fabulous hat from Cotton On:

I've been looking for a big hat for ages, but because I am extremely picky they were always too floppy, too big, not the right colour, sat in the wrong place on my forehead... but this one was just perfect! The girl at the counter told me that they only came in yesterday, so if you want to get one for yourself they're only $14.95! Not too shabby (well, it probably is, but hopefully the hat lasts the week without falling apart). Also, they have these really cute sequinned vests which I am kind of mad about because I picked up my own really cute sequinned vest at an op-shop about two months ago and now they are everywhere. Grr! Now I am afraid to wear it in case I look like a die-hard trend follower.

So, lovelies, this is the last (unscheduled) post before I go away! I have some scheduled posts planned and I will be trying to check the comments while I'm away (I could just take them off moderated comments... but I don't want to). Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week and I will be back on the day before Valentine's Day! Aww! Lots of love to all of you.



  1. that skirt is gorgeous & you look so happy in today's photos! yay!

    & hee @ your bus story. awww. it's not as bad as the one i heard on triple j yesterday arvo tho, ben elwood got locked out of his house in his undies & had to run down to the real estate agent to get the key, who wouldn't give it to him, so he had to sit outside for 5 hours waiting for his housemate. in his undies. haha.

    ANYWAY. that hat is awesome & clearly i am going to have to go to cotton on! have fun at rotto! x

  2. Ahh I love u, u are so cute. That skirt is gorgeous, and Im SO glad Im not the only person who falls over on public transport :D

  3. Have a lovely holiday, and kiss a quokka for me!

  4. My favourite part is the vaguely co-ordinating, performance art mattress by your elbow. Very cute skirt, though. Have fun at Rotto and give my love to all, if you get this in time

    Love, your 'stalker'

    PS - word verification is 'disoi' - sounds like the state of your brain when you have a hangover - "don't talk to me this morning, I'm too disoi."

  5. What a gorgeous outfit! :) That skirt is such a fantastic colour!

  6. Hello darling!
    Thank you for following my pages, I luuuuuurve your blog!
    A girl after my own heart I'd say!


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