What I Wore 03.02.09

This weekend was pretty pleasantly spent, Boy & I went to Mount Lawley on Saturday and I picked up a very cool pair of shoes and ring from Planet Video (of all places) and also bought the What I Wore Today book - which I got discounted just because a corner of the cover was folded! Whee! Then on Sunday we went to Boy's parent's house with some friends and swam in the pool and it was all lovely and relaxing.

So now I'm planning for my trip to Rottnest! I think I will have to follow Doe Deere's packing advice so I don't go crazy and end up taking a ball gown and a sequinned vest or something. Today I went looking for dresses but only ended up with a pair of $5 (new!) jeans. I did feel a bit shoddy paying for The Beautiful and Damned (& Sportsgirl) jeans with leftover change though.
♥ Dress - Op-shop
♥ Wedges - Fetish
♥ Ring - Planet Video
♥ Pink safety pin earrings - present from Amanda
Oh, and last Friday I got to use my birthday tickets from Boy to go to Cirque de Soleil! It was so amazing, I'd never been before and was squealing and jumping around like a little kid. I watched the whole thing with either my mouth hanging open or peeking through my fingers! I also bought an AWESOME dragon mask which will surely be making an appearance soon.

And here is a close up of the ring I got, because I LOVE IT:

Knuckledusters, yo! I am tuff!
I hope you've had a good start to the week!


  1. love your new layout! and i'm so jealous that you got to see Cirque de Soleil... I was going to go when they were in Brissie around Christmas time but coulnd't afford the tickets. I need to save up for the next time they come here...

  2. you look so cute in that last photo! can't wait to see your new shoesssss :) have fun in rotto, when are you back?

  3. Oh my gossssh how cute is your ring! I adore knuckledusters :D

  4. SUCH a cute outfit! :)

    Have an amazing time in Rottnest!

  5. Love your dress! And the white shoes looks so sweet :-)


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