What I Wore 7.1.09

Woo! First outfit post of '09! Unfortuantly there is no great back story to the outfit, it is simply what I am wearing to drop off some resumes (!!!) and deposit a cheque. Rock. \m/ Oh, and to get some Sumo Salad for lunch because it is yummy and I am CRAVING the Spicy BBQ Prawn Salad.

Headscarf: Miss Shop from Myer//Top: Cotton On//Pants: Target//Shoes: Rubi//Totoro: From Boy//Tara doll: From Em

This year I have decided to take belly dancing & go-go dancing classes! Wheeee! I am SO excited for this, you have no idea. It's hosted by Sugar Blue Burlesque, whose classes I really wanted to do last year but they were only in Fremantle (I think) & I don't drive & REALLY didn't want to take the train there and back twice a week! So hooray for Northbridge locations! And I think the belly dancing class is taught by the burlesque dancer Boy has a MASSIVE crush on, so... HA.

Also, I would really like to learn how to make cocktails. This was my attempt to make them on New Years:

While I am on a bit of a ramble, I wanted to recommend movie The Yes Man. Boy & I saw it on Monday night and it was fantastic! I had kind of low expectations because I expected it to be Liar Liar with a slightly different storyline, but it was awesome & inspiring & it had Zooey Deschanel in it, so I was happy. Go see it!
What has everyone been up to? Indulge me with wild stories!



  1. The burlesque classes sound awesome! I wish I could make cocktails too but I'm pretty crap at making them - I'm an expert at drinking them though hehe.

    PS. I love your scarf :D

  2. i can't remember what classes i want to do, but they all sound awesome. which dancer does Boy like? haha. & agreed on the cocktails, i can't even make a decent moscow mule! :(

  3. I can do cocktails.... the joys of having worked in a bar. Even though I didn't serve drinks (except to myself)

    I should so do belly dancing - get my tummy back to flat again!

  4. I quite liked Yes Man also. :)

    Meanwhile I don't know if you'd call them "cocktails" but I'll share my two fave drinks recipes with you (if it gives me more credibility, one of them I learnt at bartending school?)

    My sister makes me malibu milkshakes and they are soooo nice! I'm not sure of the exact recipe ie amounts and stuff but I know it basically just involves malibu, (that seems a given, yes? haha) vanilla ice cream and pineapple juice. It makes my tum happy.

    My drink of choice is probably a screwdriver (ie, orange juice and vodka) and when I'm at a party that's as fancy as it gets. But when I'm out I like to get them to make it with a bit of schweppes rasberry cordial added (hopefully you know the stuff I'm talking about) and when I'm at home I add an additional drop of blue food dye for funsies. Picked that one up in bartending class and it is yuuum.

    My best friend also really loves apple juice instead of orange juice with her vodka.

  5. Miss Karen - I may have sampled the cocktail ingredients seperately before mixing them together... maybe that's why they turned out like that :P
    amanda - Trixi Tassels! Haha! We got a photo (me, him, her) when I went with Em & Liv and he just about passed out from happiness! Although she is my favourite, too...
    Monster Girl - YUM! They both sound pretty good! I would say I would give them a try, but... I should probably leave the making of them to someone else...
    Shannon - YES! DO IT! It would be so much fun!

  6. aww i LOVE the headscarf!

  7. Good luck with the job hunt! I can't wait to see The Yes Man, it looks great.

    I have tagged you! :) Details on my blog.

    A xx

  8. The headscarf looks awesome dear!! And bellydancing sounds likes so much fun, I have a few friends who have been doing it for around three years now, and it looks amazing...albeit kinda hard! And I keep thinking Yes Man is Liar Liar too, I might have to actually check it out now though.

  9. You are SO cute and YAY for dancing! Ill have to check all the dates and bits and bobs!


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