What I Wore 12.1.09

I got Follow my blog with bloglovin´'>Bloglovin'. So, follow me if you wish! I know I am a bit late with this one, but all the cool kids are doing it! So I must jump on the bandwagon like the sheep that I am. Baa.
Apologies for the lack of posts, I have had quite a bad cold and it is TOO HOT to even contemplate wearing something nicer than the barest minimum of clothes.
So, what have I been up to? Well, last Friday I attended a Fairy Bread sleepover with some other wonderful blogging ladies (Em, Liv, Amanda & Shannon) where we ate copious amounts of pizza, drank sugar-infused mocktails, and watched 80's teen movies. It was SO MUCH FUN, I haven't had such a girly night in ages!

This is what I am wearing today. I am kind of excited because there are actual CLOUDS in the sky, which means that it might break the two-week spell of temperatures above 30 degrees (I don't know what the Farenheit conversion is, suffice to say IT IS FRIGGIN' HOT). I long for cold weather. Oh yes. Anyway, all I am doing today is cleaning (SCREW YOU, RENT INSPECTIONS), and food shopping so I can make chilli tuna pasta tonight while I watch Grease.

Shirt: Cure concert//Skirt: Dotti//Wedges: Fetish//Ring: Diva//Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
I got this ring a while ago, I am quite obsessed with snake jewellery at the moment (I have a snake bracelet as well). Probably a Babysitter's Club/Claudia Kishi flashback. I always wanted snake jewellery when I was younger but could never find any, and also, I was not cool enough to get away with things like that! I got this nailpolish at Sportsgirl yesterday, it's OK (maybe a bit neon for my liking, I do NOT want to be confused for one of those Presets-worshipping fluro-wearing scenester kids) but it takes about three coats for the colour to actually show up. I need to get some OPI ones, if not only for the cute names that they have!

Also, the lovely Andrea from a cat of impossible colour has tagged me with the '4th picture' post. The rules are to go to the fourth folder in your 'Pictures' & to post the fourth photo from that album. Here is mine (from an album imagintavely titled 'Pictures'):
Well, it made me laugh. I believe I am meant to tag four people, so I choose Monster Girl, Emily, Em and Liv.
Have a wonderful Monday!




  1. Teehee. That photo made me laugh too!
    I'll post mine when I get home tonight =)

    You look so cute! That top is wicked... & what is the doll you're holding?

  2. you look fabulous miss, love the tee with that skirt!

    super-cute collage too :)

    however, i am loving this weather! cold weather booooo, summer has barely even started!

  3. What cool shots from the party. Were these real polaroids?

  4. Hehe that photo made me laugh too! I loved your sleepover collage too - it looks like heaps of fun!

    PS. Good luck with the inspection!

  5. YAAAAAAY! Ooooh u look cute! I heart ur snake ring, Im looking for a good animal ring too. YAY I gots tagged! <3

  6. I love those shoes - so cute! Good luck with rent inspection. I'm so not looking forward to my next one.

    PS: the word verification on this comment is mousedib. I think that should be my word of the week.

  7. I am also obsessed with snake jewellery and have been coveting this ring for a few weeks (waiting in vain for it to go on sale :-I). It looks great on you!

  8. PS. That picture is hilarious!

  9. i love the name of your blog, the fact that you are a journalism major (i'm a novelist and poet) and the photo on top is divine. hello:)

  10. I *LOVE* your t-shirt! :)

    What an absolutely fabulous night you guys had, it's so awesome that you live so close to eachother!

  11. bambola - It is a kimmidoll, I think? It was a Christmas present from Boy because I went on & on about how much I loved them. Aw ♥
    amanda - ARE YOU SERIOUS. I can't take the heat! Mostly because I am a whiny little girl, but still.
    onionmania - I made them on Poladroid (www.poladroid.net), it's not as good as the real thing but at least it's a substitute!
    Miss Karen - Thank you!
    Em - There's heaps of animal jewellery around at the moment, I don't know why!
    Erin - My snake bracelet went on sale a week after I bought it! Hopefully the snake ring does soon (for you!)
    Miss Corrine - It is pretty awesome! I always used to get jealous when I saw pictures of the Melbourne bloggers catch-ups!


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