Two Thousand and FINE

Since starting this blog, and reading other wonderful style blogs, I feel like I've gotten a better sense of personal style. This year one of my resolutions was not to play it safe when it comes to style and just wear whatever makes me feel good, regardless of whether it's trendy or well-received by other people. So, today, I started looking at some photos that will hopefully inspire me a bit this year! I found most of these through Google Images or foto_decadent, all others are credited.

Nubby Twiglet

What's your inspiration for this year?


  1. Are you going to take up smoking? =P There are a lot of cigarettes in those images. Unfortunately they're still a very attractive item in fashion.

    I love your pictures!

    I tend to wear whatever is comfortable & I have my creative fashion days...

    What's inspiring me for 09? Cheap, thrifting, recreating pieces & altering outfits.

  2. hmm, probably to be a bit less eclectic in my style & refine it a bit. i love the way nubby has such a distinctive, individual style. but then other times i think variety is good, so i don't know!

    gorgeous pictures though. love the one of jackie kennedy.

  3. Helllo! Sorry to drop in unannounced but I thought I'd answer your question!
    I'm in love with art nouveau, The 1920s and hats at the moment!
    Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dita Von Teese (snap) and Edith Piaf are my current style obsessions!
    love X

  4. Oh wow these are totally beautiful dear! I'm not sure I have an inspiration for this year in general, I think I like the idea of having fluid inspirations.

  5. That's an awesome resolution!

  6. Amanda - Exactly! I love the people who dress up consistently as an era (Miss Karen) or with a theme (Nubby) but I could never do it!
    Mariah - That sounds awesome!
    dapper kid - Thank you! :D


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