Style Icons: David Bowie

As well as being my favourite musician, David Bowie is also the most stylish man on earth (with the exception of Dapper Kid, of course!). I have been a huge fan of his ever since I saw Labyrinth when I was about 10 and ogled his ultra-tight Goblin King pants. I also think he's pretty great because he supports so many new artists and, I don't know, he just seems like one of those effortlessly cool people! Anyway, it is about time the boys got some love on Gin in a Teacup, so here we go...

I have no idea where this image is from, but isn't it an awesome outfit? I would wear this. Minus the bulge, perhaps. But I do like the idea of matching my hair to my pants to my guitar and then throwin a wildly printed blouse - and eyepatch - into the mix.

Fringing and sequins in the same outfit? Clearly Bowie/Ziggy was lightyears ahead of his time...

...or perhaps not. WHO AM I KIDDING I love him regardless.

Even managing to make a goblin look hawt. I really want one of those jackets, incidentally. Also, I would love to see someone rocking the goblin makeup today. Seriously, was this the best movie ever or what? I don't think I've seen a Jennifer Connelly movie since.

I'm not sure if David Bowie exactly pioneered the androgynous look, but he sure did it well. I read that this album cover was inspired by old movie stars like Marlene Dietrich, which you can probably tell by the tinting and the kind of faded movie star look.

It takes a certain kind of person to pull off a red and green shimmery jumpsuit, and I think that Bowie does it quite well. Do you think he ever regrets the red mullet? I've had much less...overt hairstyles that I can't look at without cringing. Oh well, whatever works for you I suppose.

And of course, some Bowie videos to get you through your weekend...

Magic Dance - from Labyrinth

Life On Mars - at Fashion Rocks 2005



  1. He always manages to look GOOD in whatever he's wearing, doesn't he?

    Bowie is a rock god!

  2. Yayyyy, OK, SERIOUS, WE NEED TO HAVE A LABYRINTH NIGHT. Do u <3 Flight of the Conchords? I loove the Bowie ep.

  3. Miss Corrine - Me too! All time favourite performer :D
    Shannon - Umm... who WOULDN'T? ;)
    Fantastyk Voyager - I know! That's one of my favourite things about it, he can pull of whatever he's wearing so superbly.
    Em - I watched that episode the other day, I LOVE IT! He really does the voice well and the song is HIlARIOUS!

  4. leaves me wanting more! i have loved Bowie since I was eleven, developing a crush on him as Jareth. His voice is mesmerizing and his style is intoxicating. something i suggest doing is creating different parts of the site for style photos, videos, etc; instead of one big scroll-down. great tho!


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