Inappropriate Crushes

We all know that it doesn't matter what people think, if you like someone, that should be good enough for you and you shouldn't have to answer to anyone else. But let's face it, everyone has guilty crushes on people. You know, the kind that are perfectly validated in YOUR mind, but that make other people go "Errrgh! You like THEM??" Instead of hiding them, bring them forward, I say! Just in time for Valentine's Day... feel the love! Here are five of my slightly shameful crushes. (On a side note, I really detest the word "crush". Is there not a better word? The word "crush" should really be left in tween magazines and Disney shows.)

1. Dan Akyroyd in The Blues Brothers

I watched The Blues Brothers for the first time in ages last week, and I had forgotten how AWESOME the movie is. I think that anyone who has been in scenes with James Brown AND Aretha Franklin AND Ray Charles is infinitely more attractive. Also if they can pull of the wayfarers-and-suit combo so effortlessly while driving a police car everywhere.

2. Moss from The IT Crowd

Firstly, if you haven't seen this show, then do so immediately. Second, Moss is the most hilarious character on the show and I love him. I have actually seen some pictures of the actor who plays Moss, and he is quite good looking, but DAMMIT I PREFER HIM AS AN IT GEEK. Something is very wrong here.

3. Pete Doherty

Now, this is probably the person who elicits the most horrified responses when I profess my undying love for him (even from my best friend, who bought me his biography for my birthday). But what else am I to do when Babyshambles and The Libertines are two of my favourite bands, both led by someone with such an adorable babyface? He hasn't been in the news much lately, but a few years ago when all the pictures of him showed him leaving courthouses with five-inch-long-dirt-encrusted fingernails, well, it seemed inappropriate.

4. Jessica Rabbit

When I was little and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, I think that I wanted to BE Jessica Rabbit. But everyone has to admit that this is possibly the hottest cartoon character ever drawn. Anyway, I saw a thing on Friends where Chandler had made a list of five people who he was allowed to cheat on his girlfriend with if the opportunity arose, and the conversation went something like this:
Ross: "Jessica Rabbit? You do know she's a cartoon, right?"
Chandler: "I know, I would just want to see if I could make her eyes pop out of her head."

5. Gordon Ramsey

Yes, he is grumpy and sullen with a mouth like a sailor and a horrific temper. But, phwoar.

So, who are you harbouring guilty pleasures for? 'Fess up! You know you will feel better sharing wth a bunch of strangers.


  1. with the exception of Jessica Rabbit, ewwww!! lol

    My top 5 bad ones would be
    Hilary Duff
    Lucas from Empire Records
    Natalie Bassingthwaite
    Simon Tan from firefly.

  2. OMG! Gordon Ramsay is so damn fine!!!

    will fill you in on my innappropriates soon

    Bambola x

  3. There's just something about Gordon Ramsey ...and he's so sweet with his kids, aww (full blown crush)
    umm who else,
    Brett from Flight Of The Concords
    Ellen Degeneres (although, come to think of it, she's older than my mother, eep scary)
    Oh and childhood crush- Rogue from the X-men cartoons :D

  4. moss! so cute.

    mine include:
    john safran
    tim roth and harvey keitel (reservoir dogs AND pulp fiction)
    jon heder
    river phoenix...crushing on a dead guy as a 13 year old can't be right...

  5. I used to like Gordon Ramsay. Before he cheated on his wife :(

    And hello! I've been reading your blog for a while but not sure I've ever commented... x

  6. I LOVE THE IT CROWD! So glad you do too. That show is sheer brilliance.

    I completely share your Gordon Ramsey crush. I tend to have crushes on fictional characters or cartoons, for some reason ... Wheeler from Captain Planet. Justin Alastair from These Old Shades (a historical romance novel). Dmitri from Anastasia. I clearly have deep emotional problems.

  7. Oh, and House! Along with the rest of the free world. And Mal from Firefly. Okay, I'm done.

  8. hahahahah! erm i just can't see it in gordan... sorry.

    mine would be sylar from heroes. LOL

    btw i have tagged you.

  9. Shannon - HAHA! Hilary Duff?? Oh my. And HEY nothing wrong with a bit of Empire Records lovin'.
    Bambola - Oh, HOUSE! I love him so much.
    Beth - I love Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords! They are the best :) Oh and my boyfriend loves Rogue, I think he is in the Wolverine movie, so yay :P
    brodie - All yours are cool! John Safran, awesome!
    Helen - That does somewhat add to the inappropriateness of it all :P also, hello!
    Andrea - HOW GOOD IS IT? Have you seen the third season? Moss has to pretend to be Jen's husband and he names their imaginary children Quasar and Zenith, hee! And I used to love Dmitri, even more when I found out it was John Cusack!
    a dreamer - Thanks for the tag, lovely!

  10. Oh Pete Doherty is so clammy. Ick.

    Meanwhile mine are really, really terrible and shameful too:

    Russell Crowe (in all shapes and sizes, not just Gladiator)
    Pete Wentz (made me feel dirty just typing that)
    David & Victoria Beckham, both together
    Peter Sarsgaard

  11. love of moss is nothing to be ashamed of- it is some manner of freakishly natural phenomena. every girl i have ever introduced to the the IT crowd has become week at the knees for his geek charm and utter sincerity.

    sigh, such love. xo

  12. I love Moss, too!
    -Stephen Fry
    -Ellen DeGeneres
    -Dr Cox (Scrubs)
    -Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)
    -The Phantom of the Opera
    -Elton John
    -Roger Daltrey
    -and an old but hot guy that was waiting at the traffic lights on the other side of the road from me today. he was totally checking me out, too...


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