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While trends obviously don't give any fashionable long-term solutions, you can't deny that they are fun. However, you don't want to be someone who wears EVERY SINGLE TREND AT ONCE and looks like a fashion victim (who wears leggings as pants, buys exclusively from Supre and has an overly loud, annoying ringtone. You know the type, oui?).

One person who does trends really, really well is Diane Kruger (girlfriend of Pacey from Dawson's Creek, and currently in Inglorious Basterds. I only mention because I LOVE Quentin Tarantino and cannot WAIT to see this film).

Trend: One shouldered dresses

Why it works: It works on Kruger because she keeps the rest of the look minimalist. By incorporating feathers (another trend), she keeps it softer than the body-con, 80's inspired dresses that are usually what you think of when you look at this trend. I also like that while her hair is quite severe, it balances out the blatant girlyness of the dress. Having adorable matching shoes doesn't hurt, either!

Trend: Brights

Why it works: Although this dress is, well, ultra-short, I really like it. I think that the black accessories help to tone it down somewhat, and I like that she's matched the strength of the dress with the cute details on the shoulders.

Trend: Cropped shirts

Why it works: Matching the casual nature of a cropped shirt with tailored black pants makes the outfit seem more polished, somehow. I especially love the casual elegance of the accessories she's chosen - the straw boater and coral-coloured purse - it makes it look like she's off for a weekend in the Hampdens. I think that having killer abs would be the best accessory with a tee this cropped as well?

Trend: 50's elegance

Why it works: Although the retro look works for some very fashionable bloggers, if you're just wearing it for a bit of fun, then you may as well put your own spin on it. Kruger's completely sheer 50's frock with a bodysuit underneath definitely brings the 50's into the modern age, and something about the neckline is really fantastic.

Trend: Off-duty glamour

Why it works: OK, so this isn't really a trend, but it is nice when people make an effort even on their days off, you know? I love the fact that her sunglasses match her boyfriend's, and the gorgeous purple of the dress. Although she looks uber-casual (compared to her other looks, anyway) she still looks fabulous and not dressed down at all. It's nice when people can inject some of their personal aesthetic into every aspect of how they dress.

So, there you have Diane Kruger, trend icon! Although a lot of fashionistas talk up classics, you can always use trends to put some fun & new-ness back into your wardrobe. Take some tips from Diane and make sure to stay true to your personal style & not get too caught up in looking "so-this-minute".




  1. how do i follow your blog?:)xo

  2. arggh she's so beautiful and elegant it's hurting me.
    also i think she always pulls off all those trends coz her hair is always so neat and she's got this amazing figure too.

  3. I love the orange and black together as well as 50s elegance. Great trend pics.


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