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So, this is a new Gin in a Teacup category that is partly me naming blog articles that I like, partly just pictures of things that amuse me, and just lots of things from around the internet in general. Worst explanation ever? Perhaps.

♥ These headpieces are totally insane. I can appreciate the ferosh of the lion one, but the daschund looks kind of sad and creeps me out a bit. You can see the rest here, at the newly revamped Be A Tiger.

This shoot from foto_decadent, shot by Annie Leibovitz. I LOVE it. It is kind of fuelling my desire to go to Paris.

♥ Speaking of the desire to travel, I am looking forward to reading about Miss Corrine's European adventures! Part one is up now!

♥ This video for any fans of the delightful and divine Noel Fielding:

♥ The gorgeous Mermaid makes awesome mixtapes every Monday, and I have taken a great liking to them (and her blog!). The latest one is here, and the rest can be found here (but beware, they do all start to play at the same time!). Have a listen, they definitely cheer up my Mondays!

♥ I don't even know what to say about this WEIRD AS HELL runway show by Martin Margiela. I mean, what? It is kind of like the inside of David Lynch's mind. This is but a small selection of the FREAKEH, the images are from JAK AND JIL.

♥ Boy's sister is having a Myths & Legends-themed party. It's an awesome idea, but there are so many choices! Should I go as Xena and rock the brown pleather? Medusa and construct a massive snake wig? Narcissus and carry around a giant mirror all night??? I need some decision so I don't resort to, um, something like this:

A contender for Don't Show-cha Your Chocha IF EVER I SAW ONE.

♥ And to finish off, these very cute animal pictures:



  1. Ooooh, new feature, yay! :D I love those lion-hairstyle pictures, they're crazy!

  2. I just wrote you the longest comment and I think it got deleted. Shoot. Anywhooo, great post nontheless :).

  3. OOOH I kinda like the bear hair! AWESOME. That stocking-face show creeped me right out too. LOL @ the Noel Fiedling song!!

  4. FOR SURE you should go as Xena. I so wanted to be Xena when I was a kid. Nerd alert, right?

  5. That editorial looks divine!! And the hat hair thingies are so crazy they are cool lol. And awwwww at the baby orang!!

  6. Wow those hair animals are creepy! but that foto decadent shoot looks amazing!

  7. Miss Corrine - I know, aren't they fantastic!
    deep_in_vogue - Thank you! :)
    Em - Hehe, it is the best. Not as good as What What in the Butt though. But, what is?
    Divinity Avenue - I do want to go as Xena but there will probably be ten other Xenas there as well :P
    dapper kid - I know! What about the little turtle? I love him!
    Bucca - There were only a couple of shots on there, it was a pretty short (but very decadent) editorial!


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