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Hello all! Sorry for my sudden prolonged absence, on Tuesday my modem suddenly died and I found out I'll have to get ! I am writing this at Boy's house (almost his ex-house, he moves tomorrow!) so I'm not sure how frequent posting will be for the next couple of weeks. Sorry, please stick with me! I'm trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs as I type.

Anyway, I encourage you all to check out the latest issue of Pocketto... I may be a bit biased because I wrote an article for it (and am now a regular contributor!), but the whole issue was so amazing! I admire Emma so much, it's such a well-put together mag! Here's my picks from this issue...

My article, on what I think the economic crisis means for fashion (p14-15)

Two stylish cartoon ladies (p30-31)

Some amazing artwork by Dallas Shaw... Christmas present, anyone?(p36-37)

A gorgeous photo shoot (p40-55)

And an anti-Twilight piece, whoever wrote this is my new lover (p67-68)

See you soon (I hope!)



  1. yay for the anti-twilight!

  2. Wow, congratulations Tara! That's awesome! :D

  3. Yay for the anti-Twilight piece! I must read.

    And welcome back to cyber-world. :)

  4. What a coincidence, I just had a massive rant about how bad an influence Twilight is for young girls last night to a friend. I wrote an article-like rant about it on the forums your sister Em and I are on too!

    Does that mean I can be your lover? *lip quiver* :P

  5. Grrreeat article Tara! That is SO awesome, how on earth did you score that!? I am so bummed about your internet :( We miss u in bloggy/twitty land!

  6. That was an awesome article, I really enjoyed reading it and the whole issue. Well done! :D

  7. mermaid & monster girl & a cat of impossible colour - I was so excited there was an anti-Twilight piece SOMEWHERE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. I was expecting the movie to get bad reviews but all the reviews I've read love it! Grr.
    Miss_Corrine & Miss Karen - Thank you! :D
    Em - I emailed pockettozine@live.com.au (I hope that is the right address!), they are always looking for contributors!

  8. hey great article! good post! also love your blog..have added you to my blogger list on my page! hope you get your net sorted soon love. xx

  9. hey, thanks for mentioning. you did a great job as usual.
    oh and i'll be sure to tell demi you enjoyed her twi rant.

  10. So nice to have you back!! :)

    when I get my house you can move in & we can paint it however we please!!

    P.S. it may be sooner than you think ;) x

  11. LoveMore - I LOVE your blog! Will definitely be adding you back!
    A dreamer - Thank you! & yes please tell her I loved it :D
    Bambola - Lucky you! & HOW EXCITING!!! :D


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