What I Wore 8.12.08

I'm back! I'm back!

This weekend was kind of a busy one. On Saturday night Boy & I went to Fremantle during the day (where I found the dress I'm wearing right now), and then out to dinner and to see Four Holidays. The movie was OK, but we had gold class tickets so that was enough of a novelty for me. Free popcorn! Plushy seats! Woo! Then on Sunday, it was Boy's grandmother's 90th birthday so I met his extended family for the first time. They are all lovely, of course. Then last night I watched Never Been Kissed and got all nostalgic for the 90's.
Dress: Op-shop//Shoes: Rubi
A Rubi shop opened in Perth not long ago, and so I bought these shoes and a silver pair. It was $20 for the two of them, and while I do love them, I guess you get what you pay for! My feet (and toes, which is very uncomfortable) are covered in blisters. Oh well.
And I have to say, I love this dress! I feel like a psychedelic housewife.

Also, I love the new Louis Vuitton ads (CAN YOU GUESS WHY?). I don't really like the brand, because I think that the monogram bags have been waaay overdone to the point where they just look tacky now. Although, one of the bags does look pretty cool. See:

What do you think?



  1. Yay I'm first! LOVE the first bag. Think it's wicked awesome & makes me want to paint the same words over and over on my body in the name of art!
    I really like the rose bag, but I reckon it will date quickly :)

    Gorgeous dress! Love the colour on you :)

  2. hee that dress is adorable, well done! i think the rubi shoes are good office/house shoes, but not much good for actually walking around in!

    i love never been kissed, so cute. i used to think michael vartan was adorable, way back in the days of alias.

  3. What a beautiful dress! I love this outfit. And I'm quite fond of young Marc there too, especially in the nuddy!

  4. Cuuute dress! Haha "somebody ate my entire pie! :| " Thats like my fave movie line ever. I adore Gold Class, the desserts & nachos rock.

  5. never been kissed was the highlight of my sunday! i watch the whole thing just for the michael-vartan-running-down-the-stairs-as-the-beach-boys-play scene!

    new dress is v. cute!

  6. Ooh, the first LV bag is right up my alley - yum! Love your dress :)

  7. Love the dress! And I agree with you on LV. It must be really disheartening for the designers to see their work cheapened by all the ubiquitous knock-offs, but unfortunately it has happened ... LV bags look tacky to me, as well. Same thing happened with Burberry tartan a while back.

  8. I love your dress! The pattern is perfect!

  9. Aw Marc, you never cease to inspire us.

    xx- LJ from SOS!

  10. That dress is amazing! You look great and it sounds like you had a great weekend!

  11. Bambola - Haha! Yes, most 'it' bags date quickly but I still think it is pretty cool!
    amanda - I have never been a huge fan of his, to be honest! I think he looks too clean cut!
    Miss Karen - Hee, nuddy is one of my favourite words! Especially with "Marc Jacobs" immediately after it :)
    Em - I didn't even eat any of the food because we'd had dinner before, I just wolfed down my (FREE) popcorn and felt really sick about halfway through!
    brodie - Beach Boys songs are always in the best scenes of movies, I think!
    Miss Corrine - Thankyou!
    a cat of impossible colour - I know! It's got to the point where I immediately think "FAKE!" when I see LV or Burberry prints.
    ...love Meagan - Thank you! It was a pretty good find!
    SOS! - He is the best.
    The Paper Doll - Thank you, I did!

  12. Love you in florals pretty lady!

    Ohh I heard about the Rubi shop. I am going into Perth today, so I will hunt for it.
    Weee shopping.

  13. i like the bag that mj is holding over his crotch but the second one looks a little bit old lady.

  14. Stompface - My Rubi shoes are totally destroyed now, I guess you definitely get what you pay for...
    saray - Thank you!
    A dreamer - I think I only like the bag in the MJ picture because...um...it is over his crotch. Hey-yo!


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