What I Wore 3.12.08

Things have been pretty quiet around the ol' Gin HQ (aka, my house) recently! I have picked up an awful awful cold/flu thing from Boy so I have spent the past couple of days feeling like my head is wrapped up in a big pile of cotton balls. Not very good.

This is what I wore to go and get groceries. I left all my makeup at Boy's on the weekend, hence the no facing the camera directly! Eek!

Top: Target//Skirt: Dotti//Leggings: American Apparel//Shoes: I ♥ Billy//Necklace: Paraphernalia

Also, one of my bloggy crushes Nubby Twiglet did a post today on 10 random facts about her. I had fun reading her list, so here is mine! Sorry if some facts are repeated from other posts, but, well, I'm sure you can cope.

1. I'm pretty good with grammar and spelling, but I can never spell 'rhythm' and 'business'! I always spell it 'buisness' and spell rhythm any number of ways.

2. My first job was working in a kiosk at a sports centre.

3. I've never dated anyone with blonde hair.

4. I can't whistle or blow a bubble with bubblegum!

5. I'm right-handed when I write, but I do most other things (like pouring coffee or whatever) left-handed. I'm not ambidextrous or anything, so I don't know what's going on there!

6. I haven't been overseas (yet!)

7. My fingers are double jointed, and the tips of them flex out naturally.

8. I can't stand the taste of bourbon - even smelling it makes me want to throw up!

9. I've met Arj Barker & Tara Moss, and my friend and I accidentally harrassed the kids from Operator Please at Big Day Out (by accusing them of sneaking backstage - it was rather embarrassing)

10. I was 'senior student' in primary school, which basically was the head girl. My good school career ended pretty much after year 7, though!

So make a list too!




  1. I totally have problems with rhythm too! I even had problems typing it just then for this comment. I also have trouble spelling diarrhea. But hopefully I won't have to use that particular word too often.

    P. S. The word verification thingy is 'bumsdip'. After talking about diarrhea, I can't help feeling something weird is going on. I think I just lowered the tone of your comment section considerably, sorry. :P

  2. for being sick/without make up you sure look cute!

  3. looking good...loving the necklace. oh you're not alone on not being able to whistle. I try and try and try but I just can't.
    How are you going with that piece I asked you to write btw?

  4. After my birthday shenanigans, I can't stand the taste of Bourbon either - it got so bad that I had to say 'The B-Word' instead of Bourbon or else I'd want to be sick.

    I hope you feel better soon though :( You still look super cute!

  5. love this outfit, your waist looks tiny!

    (no 5, that is wierd! haha)

    hope you feel better soon! xox

  6. LOL, what you got against blondes? j/k
    I'm the same way with my hands too, that's weird :)
    I can't stand the taste or smell of bourbon either, and I was born and raised in Kentucky!

  7. all black outfits are the best ;)

  8. a cat of impossible colour - Haha bumsdip! Hmm I agree, I hope that particular word doesn't come up too often :P
    mermaid - Aww you are too sweet!
    a dreamer - I left the info about the piece in a comment on your blog!
    Miss Karen - Thank you! I hope your cold is better!
    amanda - Thanks! The first picture reminds me of a ballet pose, I did ballet yeeeears ago so it might just be wishful thinking...
    Annie - Nothin' against the blonde blogging ladies! :P Wow I thought bourbon would be mandatory in Kentucky! Hehe ;)
    saray - yes, very effortless when you aren't well!

  9. My fingers are double jointed too! Plus everyone tells me they're unusually long, but I have artist hands so whatevvver. And I love the outfit!!! The flats look lovely. And hope the cold/flu-ish what not is all gone :)

  10. Great list and i love your outfit here, very simple and chic :)

  11. I like your randoms! I am good with spelling too except for rhythm & definitely! (dont even know if thats right!)That is SO funny about Operator Please.

  12. BTW, U look gorgeous for being sick! Sick me = snotty, trackies, oprah, on the couch.

  13. wow i really like your header pic!

  14. I agree with Mermaid!

    Also, you have a killer body & awesome legs!

    I noticed you changed your profile pic. That tee is so cute!! :)

  15. you look great for not feeling well dear... I agree with you certain smell makes me want to throw-up ;) I kinda like the smell of books! weird?!

  16. Heyy gorgeous lady.
    I love all black outfits so much.

    Cool random facts. I think I've said this before, but boy do I love Arj.

  17. For sure, we can be the burlesque-eteers! Our powers combined........! http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/4039/captain8vf.jpg

  18. dapper kid - Unfortuantly I have never been told I have artist's hands! Just weird looking fingers!
    The Paper Doll - Thank you!
    Em - I always dress up a bit when I'm sick, maybe to trick myself into feeling better? I don't know! Also, are we going to have to take pollution down to zero now? :P
    Cindiddy - Thanks! I plan to do a post on the photographer soon!
    Bambola - Wow, thank you! No one has ever complimented my legs before, haha! I used to get called stumpy in high school!
    LENORENEVERMORE - I love the smell of books! You know in the SATC movie when Carrie smells the library book? My friends were saying "Ew, how can she do that?" And I was thinking... I actually do that!
    Stompface - It is SO GOOD to meet another Arj fan! When I tell people I met him they're like "Cool... who is he?" D:
    geri - Thank you! Very effortless when you're sick :)


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