What I Wore 30.11.08

December already! Eeee!

This is what I wore last night to the Sugar Blue Burlesque show. The theme was "art", and had Botticelli , Warhol, & even Jackson Pollock inspired dances! My favourite dance was the Warhol one (I'm guessing it was "inspired" by Warhol, because it had a mod theme and they had the mod signs all over their costume! And Mia Wallace wigs! It has totally re-inspired my desire to do the burlesque classes they offer, I keep reading about them on kittentails and they sound like so much fun!

It was definitely my favourite one I've seen so far, probably because I was in the company of two lovely blogging ladies, Em & Liv! I was so excited (and super nervous!) to meet them, and they were both as lovely & gorgeous as they appear on their blogs!

Dress: Temt//Flower headband: Splendour in the Grass stall//Shoes: Sportsgirl

Three burlesque beauties:

I saw the dress in a Shop Til You Drop last month and have been wanting it ever since! When my sister was visiting me up in Perth I finally bought it. It's so fun to wear, I just want to shimmy whenever I put it on! I think it will have to be my New Year's Eve dress. Speaking of which, what is everyone doing for it? In Perth, I haven't heard anything except for a 50's and 60's themed night but it's at a sports bar (the name escapes me) and I don't know how fun that would be...

And I also bought these because I couldn't resist (maybe I can use them when I am a burlesque superstar. I was trying to think of a burlesque name but I am not that creative!):

Also, today (December 1) is World AIDS Day. In Australia, HIV and AIDS rates are increasing, and the message of the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day is to "Enjoy Life. Take Control. Stop HIV & AIDS". If you're out & about today please buy a red ribbon to show your support!




  1. Teehee! =) Sorry about my random face!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who tried to think up a burlesque name last night!

    That dress looks gorgeous on you!!

    ok. I'll stop with the exclamation marks now :)

  2. that dress looks amazing on you & i love the headband!

    cute group photo haha

  3. You looked gorgeous as did Em and Liv! I wish we had a regular burlesque night here in Melb that wasn't on a Sunday :S

  4. Oh pretty lady. I love this outfit on you! seriously pretty town.

  5. That dress is gorgeous!

  6. that dress is amazing. .and from temt! woot

  7. Beautiful dress!! i love it

  8. YAY! I like that pic, it's cute!! I just keep running over and over in my head..."I just CANT. GET. YOU. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD." Haha..that was too funny! I thought up my Burlesque name ages ago! It would have to be Cupcakes something or other!

  9. Are they nipple tassels, Tara?

  10. You all look so gorgeous! Love your dress, Tara - it is totally shimmy-able! :)

  11. Bambola - Hehe! (!!!!!)
    amanda - Thank you! I waited too long to wear it after Splendour, now everyone has them so it is a bit less special!
    Miss Karen - Aww, no burlesque night in Melbourne? :( I don't work on Mondays, lucky me!
    stompface - You will have to come next time!
    sparkleandglitter - Thank you!
    a dreamer - I know! A lady asked me where it was from and was so excited when I said Temt! If it wasn't 8:30 on a Sunday I think she would have rushed out and bought one!
    Lux - Thanks, not bad for $35!
    Em - Hehe I still giggle when I think of the absurdity of Frida Kahlo singing Kylie Minogue!
    emily jane - No, they are called pasties! I will never wear them, but oh well!
    Miss_Corrine - Hehe! Thank you!
    Daisy - Thank you! :)

  12. You should wear your pasties next time & if u get in the best dressed comp you can rip off your dress to reveal them, a la' corpse bride! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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