And also (in honour of my new Converse shoes, and I mean this with no mockery):

I am gleeful, and I'm not even in America! They must be going MENTAL over there!




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  2. Stoked hey!!!?? Gooooo Obama!

  3. teeheehee @ your indian friend!

    that picture is pretty awesome. i have to say, apart from how he will be a great president, he is so cute! i love the way he kinds of bounces around, if you get what i mean. very refreshing. yay obama! the 730 report had some really good coverage, did you see it at all?

  4. GREAT shoe variation! If you haven't already seen the cool youtube music video about 'yes we can', come on over to my place. Bring gin!

  5. Those Obama posters are pretty cool. Was really pleased to hear the election result while I was at work yesterday :)

  6. Em - YAAAAAY!
    amanda - bahaha I know! And I agree, I think it's because he seems so... enthusiastic, I guess? I can't think of the right word but I know what you mean :P
    gin fancier - Haha no I haven't seen it! I'll bring the gin, you provide the tonic!
    robyn - I was babysitting, the four-year-old was very angry I'd turned off ABC Kids for "news"!

  7. I would buy those chucks! And wear them proudly!

  8. speaking of shoes, I have just put a link on my blog to blog nirvarna for shoe-lovers...


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