What I Wore 7.11.08

Another sporadic blogging week, I have been having a little bit of writer's block (blogger's block?). So, here is what I've been up to:

♥ Yesterday I caught up with one of my favourite people and we went to see Rock n Rolla (the new Guy Ritchie film, it is great, I highly recommend it, not only for the shameless Gerard Butler perving) and eat greasy pizza and icecream.
♥ studying like a madwoman for my upcoming sociology exam :<
♥ having two more articles published in the uni newspaper!
♥ was planning on going out tonight for my friend's birthday... until she cancelled her own party! Boo! Now I am considering whether to go out anyway, but the couch is calling out to me and resistance is futile. Plus, I am broke.
♥ planning my holiday to Busselton (for Southbound) & then on to Margaret River, which is wine and cheese town, for those who don't live in Australia! I haven't been there since I was about 7, so I am very excited!
♥ also planning on making over my apartment, this is my big project for the uni break.
♥ and I am currently eating spinach, feta, and pumpkin pasta salad. YUM :)

And here is some old dress I dug out and have been wearing pretty much exclusively. I think I've only kept it for so long because once in the bathroom at the airport a fancily-dressed woman casually waved a manicured hand at the dress and enquired, "Wayne Cooper?" when it is only JUST JEANS! HA!

Dress: Just Jeans//Cardigan: Cotton On//Brooch: Equip//Shoes: Zu

A close-up of the earrings (P.S HELLO, my face):

My calendar this month:




  1. HIII!! your blogging presence has been missed. your hair is looking lovely & that's a cute dress!

    congrats on the articles! scan them? i don't have a copy of the paper but would love to read them!

    your salad sounds delish, hope you have a lovely weekend! xox

  2. gerard butler perving? I need to get in on that! that is a lovely dress. I don't know what it is about Wayne cooper, I saw a customer at work once wearing a top made out of the same fabric I'd bought at spotlight a few years ago and made a skirt out of. I told her it was nice and asked if she made it herself, and she laughed and said no it was from Wayne Cooper! weird.

  3. Gerard Butler is the epitome of my perfect man, yet I haven't seen Rock'n'Rolla yet! I really need to put that right!

    Great outfit :)

  4. amanda - aww, you are so sweet! Hopefully I will see you sometime next week!
    ali - Haha! I guess it's a pretty popular brand in Australia? Must be, if Just Jeans are ripping off his designs :P
    sparkleandglitter - yes do go and see it, it's one of the best ones I've seen recently! & oh my, I could watch Gerard Butler for that accent alone! Yum.

  5. Cute dress, yaaay polka dots! That's such a great compliment too- it's always a big deal when fancy ladies think YOU'RE fancy!!

  6. Cute dress. Proportions v. good on you. You have nice knees! (not everyone does. Make the most of them)

  7. Heehee I love the Just Jeans/Wayne Cooper bamboozle! You look lovely - and your earrings are so cute!

    I really need to get my arse into a cinema to see RocknRolla maybe next weekend...and I love your Lichtenstein November page :D

  8. definitely! although i have just done the best shoe-op-shopping of my life!!

    & i forgot to say, AWESOME calendar.

  9. em - I know! It is the best, probably because it happens so rarely :P
    gin fancier - Why thank you, they are actually quite prone to dislocation and often swollen to the size of my head!
    miss karen - hehe, I was wondering when somebody would notice it was Lichtenstein! :)
    amanda - TELL ME MORE!

  10. oooh southbound! i've put in an application to volunteer but i won't be able to anymore coz i'll be stuck in crappy brisbane. poop. i love that brooch! and lol @ wayne cooper lady.

  11. gorgeous dress! and YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! :)

  12. i feel ridiculous commenting 3 times but you have totally edited this since i last read it- APARTMENT MAKEOVER! that is so so awesome omg i am super excited for you haha. if you want any help, let me know! (i like living vicariously through others...)

  13. kirstie - ahh that sucks! I haven't been to Southbound before, I'm so excited!
    gem - thank you lovely! :D
    amanda - YES I will probably need your exquisitely fine taste! Gah I'm so excited. Just have the inconvenience of an exam to get through first :P


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