What I Wore 28.11.08

Today I had a job interview, it was for an accounts assistant but, since it was a recruitment agency, there's a chance I could end up in a totally different position. Anyway, the interview went really well except when I got out my second button had popped! D: I don't know at what point it decided to pop open, woops! When I texted (a rather unsympathetic) Boy to tell him he said "Whatever it takes to get the job ;) :)". Boys are so helpful.

Other than that it went really well, the woman interviewing me was very cool! We talked about shopping and Southbound! And she said she liked my shoes :)
(Evil button popping) Top: Ben Sherman//Skirt: Basque//Tights: Razzamatazz (doesn't saying it just make you want to do jazz hands? I know I do. RAZZAMATAZZ)//Shoes: Zoom//Necklace: Family heirloom//Earrings: Diva
Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to find a skirt! All the high-waisted pencil ones I tried on were way too big in the waist, but made my thighs look like mating sea-lions. The only one that fit (apart from the Basque one, which was on sale) was a Country Road one which was $189. Skirt-makers, get on it!
Luckily, I felt a lot more comfortable in this outfit than I did last time I interviewed at a corporate place, where I wore a suit jacket & skirt. In that outfit I kind of felt like a kid playing dress-ups, not very "me" at all! Needless to say I did not get that job, maybe because the interview was pretty horrendous!
Then I went shopping and bought this Little Lady From top, which was made even better by the fact Myer were having a 25% of "youth clothing" day.
Last night Boy & I watched My Neighbour Totoro (or Tonari no Totoro), by the brilliant Hayao Miyazaki, and it was fantastic & adorable & whimsical & gleeful!
Is it too late to wish a happy Thanksgiving? Well, happy Thanksgiving anyway!
p.s I accidentally deleted my post from yesterday, sorry!


  1. Oh my goodness! Totoro is probably one of the best films ever made. It is so wonderful...

  2. That's one of my favourite films ever!

    Good luck with the job x

  3. That top is gorgeous! Too bad about the 'poppage'. Hope they loved you =)

    The outfit is very sweet! Hope you have a fantastic weekend too...

    See you Sunday! =O x

  4. Totoro is fabulous, especially the Catbus!

  5. U look super fancy, I hope you get the job! Glad to hear it went well, and I'm sure you (and your ladies!!) made a great impression. Heehee! I looooooooove your new tee!

  6. OMG! Embarrassing! I hope you get the job, though

  7. Divinity Avenue & Helen - I love it! It's in my top 5 favourite films now :D
    Bambola - It is a nice top, damn you Ben Sherman for poor buttonage!
    sparkleandglitter - I love how in the end credits the little sister is drawing a picture of the Catbus with hundreds of legs! So cute!
    Em - I think that watching anime inspired me to buy a Tokyo-inspired top!
    Annie - Even MY OWN MOTHER said "Ah well, a bit of a nip slip can't hurt". Hopefully I impressed them with my... wit?

  8. oooh i love that movie!!!!! ...i just love all his movies.
    its so cute!!!!
    i love totoro and that cat bus

  9. I absolutely adore Miyazaki films! I've seen a handful of them, but I think My Neighbor Totoro is probably my favorite.

  10. Oh, love your outfit! Fingers crossed about the job! :)

  11. Totoro! How shweeeeet! I absolutely adore that T-shirt too!

  12. squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I LOVE TOTORO!!!! It's my favourite of Hayao Miyazuki's movies. I can watch it over and over again, it's very calming.

    Also, that top is super cute!


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