What I Wore 21.11.08

On Friday night I caught up with one of my friends from high school and we went for dinner at the Moon Cafe. I had heard good things about the vegie burgers, and now I am in love. I want to eat them all the time. Then we went to see Boy & his friends and ended up at Carnegies (for the first and probably last time, I didn't much care for it) where Boy sprained his ankle and we had to go home. So, not a spectacular night.

I think I just didn't like Carnegies because of a) all the drunk hen's night bachelorettes, and b) the fact that every song they played was the kind of song that elicited that "OHH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG I HAVEN'T HEARD IT IN SOOOO LONG!" response. I don't mind a couple of those a night, but a playlist full of those songs? I kind of just wanted them to play some new music after a while. Phew, listen to me, all old and cynical at the grand old age of 19.

I did like my outfit though (although these were the only two photos I took of it and NO I hadn't already started drinking when I took these):

Jacket: General Pants Co.//Dress: Valleygirl//Singlet: Cotton On//Tights: ?//Shoes: Zu//Headband: Diva//Necklace: Diva

How was everyone's weekend?


(p.s don't forget to do the "six things that make me happy" meme, as I did!)



  1. Oooh you're cute!! I don't really like Carnegies either- but probably because I don't drink and everyone is generally pretty hammered there! We've had some interesting work do's there..
    OH MY GOD, Sunday! Yay. What ya gonna wear? I'm trying to decide whether my cupcake dress is too over the top or not :D

  2. mmmm, now I want to try these veggie burgers!

  3. You look great! I particularly like your shoes.

    And I love your header image, too - the perfect blend of fashion and kitties. :D

  4. Your header is hawt!

    And you look awesome there - I love the lapel on your jacket.

    I hope your boy isn't in too much pain. A sprained ankle sounds ouchie :(

  5. That jacket is amazing! I like how you matched the red to your shoes :). Craving a veggie burger now.

  6. Oh by the way, I'm in total love with that jacket!

  7. Em - Yeah that was also a part of it, Chris's friend was INCREDIBLY drunk so it was not fun! He scared off quite a few girls (but I apologised to them)!
    Monster Girl - I LOVE THEM! Do you live in Perth?
    a cat of impossible colour - Thanks, they were another Zu bargain! I'm glad you like the header, I was worried people would think I was a crazy cat lady or something!
    Miss Karen - He did it dancing to Daft Punk! My sympathy is somewhat diminished by that fact :P but yes it was indeed a bad sprain so hopefully he gets better soon!
    Erin - thank you! I'd wanted a jacket like that for ages and had to go all the way to Melbourne to find it :P mmm vegie burgers...

  8. My prints are from Paris, but you can probably grab some on Ebay!! That was my fave part, all the little sidewalk gypsys selling photos and prints, they sure saw me coming, haha! They are ALL of the Moulin Rouge..slight theme there. Funny part is, Moulin itself was rather lame & hilarious! Yes I am trying to make the house as pretty as possible to avoid the pain of living in Balga!!

  9. well i guess trying the vegie burgers is on my to-do list now! i am sad i can't come sunday night :( booo. we shall have to do something at the moon again soon, just for me!

    you look super pretty, i love this outfit, & your makeup, & hair!

  10. I love your shoes! I'm a sucker for red heels, even though I hardly ever wear any of the red shoes that I own.

    I get incredibly cynical when I surrounded by hen nights and annoying music too, so I wouldn't worry!

  11. Em - Oh well, I guess I will have to go to Paris to get some! :P
    amanda - yes we will! Very soon!
    Erin - I love red heels too! I have two pairs but these ones are the most comfy, the other ones verge on hooker heels!

  12. Those vegie burgers sound soooooo good! Love your outfit, and the photos are so cute! :D


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