What I Wore 18.11.08

Today the plan was to re-enrol in uni, which this year I could supposedly do myself online. But it was hard! I haven't been so confused since my maths T.E.E exam (which I failed. Dismally). RE-ENROLLING MAKES MY BRAIN HURT :<

But I digress. Here is what I wore to suffer at the hands of IT guys with a God complex who enjoy inflicting pain on innocent students such as myself...

Dress: Cotton On//Wedges: Fetish//Bracelet: Necklace made by me!

I love these shoes, I got them once when I was looking in a random shoe shop (next to a Supre store, which should give some indication of how long ago I bought them!) and I hardly ever wear them because I'm afraid of getting them dirty! Which you can probably tell, they are so white they are practically glowing!

But they are so groovy! They look like normal white wedges... on acid.

That is all for now!

Oh actually, I lie. I have a question hopefully someone can answer for me...

1) what does one wear to an engagement party?

2) do you give gifts at an engagement party or just at a wedding?

Please help me, etiquette-savvy readers!




  1. Love the wedges!!

    For the engagement party... I think it depends.. For my cousin they didnt want wedding presents just a donation for their honeymoon so for the engagement party we all brought them something smallish.

    On the invitation it should say what type of dress is required, casual formal etc

    If you know someone else going to the party ask them if they're buying something and what they're wearing..

    Hope that helps :)

  2. hmm if it doesn't specify a dress-code, then maybe a cocktail-length dress & heels, but not too over the top? or a top & skirt?

    as for the present, i say something small-ish, & i think it's better to have got one & not needed to than to feel horrible for NOT having got one when everyone else did!

    also, you look lovely & those are some awesome wedges!

  3. oh & for present reference, see episode 6.09 of sex & the city, a woman's right to shoes. haha.

  4. I would wear a casual and pretty dress, or a great pair of jeans with some sort of nice bouse and/or cardigan.

    As for presents, I think you're ideally meant to. As Amanda said, take something small, it's better than rocking up with nothing when everyone else brought something. For engagements I think something silly like some sort of novelty kitchen item (you know, like a spiderman toaster that toasts a spider image on the bread? Or a fairy floss maker?) can only go down well!

    Just wander around the kitchen or bedroom or bath sections and look for something inexpensive but useful you'd think was awesome of someone to get you, something they probably haven't thought of for themselves. :)

  5. We got lots of money and gift cards for housey-stuff (Bunnings, Home etc) for our engagement party, even though we sai No pressies required! Your wedges are crazy cool!

  6. Forgot to say before, thanks heaps for your reply on my friends post :) I look forward to hanging with you, I've already had recommendations! Yes, people give you references. (Sian from Monstergirl, she says she knows your sister & that I should be your best friend hahah!)

  7. Dress for engagement party depends on what kind of party it is. If afternoon bbq, the kind of outfit in today's pics would be fine. If evening, lbd always good - covers anything from cas to rave to cocktail. If it is dinner, a cocktail or dinner dress. Not ever a t-shirt and I personally would not go the jeans. even if it is a bbq type, some people will be a bit dressy because it is a more formal 'occasion' even if the party style isn't. Always better to go dressier when there will be parents/older people involved. And it isn't as if you are afraid of frocking up!

    Yes, it is usual to give a present for an engagement, but not as expensive as a wedding. If you are expecting to be invited to the wedding, you could give a something that compliments the wedding present. For instance, if you were planning on a fancy teapot for the wedding, you could give them the sugar bowl and creamer for the engagement. If they are drinkers, glasses never go astry and you can get pretty ones quite cheaply. Groovy salad servers are cool and cheap. I have ones with handles that are giraffes and a set that are like enormous forks without handles that were gifts that I like a lot and use all the time. with a bit of thought and shopping you can find something beautiful and groovy that is reasonably priced and also useful. The environment asks that you do not give something that will end up in next year's garage sale!

  8. I looooove these shoes! And your dress is gorgeous, there's obviously some hidden gems at Cotton On!

    Like everyone here, I'd give a small and quirky gift - and I'd wear something fun and fabulous :D

  9. PS: The Oxfam/Community Aid Abroad shops are good places for funky homewares that don't break the bank. Alternatively, if you know they love their caffeine, coffee or tea or related items go well. You can get fair-trade stuff at Oxfam, or there's always T2 (if you have them in Perth?)

    And btw - I LOOOOOOOVE those shoes. Love them!

  10. Thank you all so much for your help! It's an engagement party for one of Boy's friends, you see, so it's the added worry of going to a party of people I don't know very well & want to come off as not too much of a weirdo! :P

  11. I wouldn't have a clue about the engagement party I'm afraid, though I suppose clothing-wise it would depend on the setting.

    I do love those wedges though!

  12. The dress looks wonderful and those wedges are crazy cool!!! I think house warming gifts are usually the order for engagement parties...not too sure though! And as to what to wear, dress and heels, any excuse to dress up ;)

  13. my friend gave his friend a toilet lock for his engagement party - you know, the ones that say 'vacant/ENGAGED'?

  14. Gah! I'm late and I don't have anything constructive to add, as everyone else has already given such fabulous advice. I love your green dress though! Gorgeous colour.

  15. I'm not going to add to the myriad of ideas because they're all great.

    What I will ask is... what's wrong with your computer? If it's fixed don't worry about it, but in future, maybe email me? I work in IT. I'll see if I can help :) x

  16. Cute dress ! and amazing shoes !!

  17. sparkleandglitter - thank you! It's being held in a community hall, which Boy took as "dress casual" but I think they just needed a big space!
    dapper kid - hehe, very good advice!
    Ali - HAHA! Oh, that actually made me LOL (and I never say that!)
    Erin - thanks, when I worked at Cotton On I bought a bunch of the dresses in different colours! They are a good thing to just throw on!
    Bambola - it's fixed now, but if I have any more problems I will let you know! Much better than dealing with the uni IT guys, I am sure! :D
    Daisy - thank you! x

  18. I know this is a totally out of date comment, but eucalyptus oil or nail polish remover on a cotton bud will get marks off white shoes. Just make sure you only use the tiniest bit and don't go over any colour.


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