What I Wore 14.11.08

My first official day of having no uni/study to do! (The exam went fine, in case you were wondering, and thank you all for your good luck wishes! :D). Today I have celebrated by being a slob watching Sex and the City (season two) between sporadic bouts of cleaning the house (my mum & sister are coming up to Perth tomorrow, we are going to Ikea! This is a celebration in itself, I love Ikea).
A few weeks ago, I was all for hatin' on harem pants and thought they were pretty much the ugliest invention ever. Well, last weekend at Target I found a pair for $20 and they are sooo comfortable. I wore them pretty much exclusively for that whole weekend. I thought that they would be one of those universally boy-hated items of clothing, but Boy likes them because (quote) "You look like a ninja". O_o Ah well, you take what you get.
Pants: Free Fusion at Target//Cardigan: Jay Jays//Singlet: Target//Shoes: Witchery//Necklace: Birthday present from Boy's parents
I bought these shoes to wear to Boy's ball when he was at his old job. I love them but I never ever wear them because a) they were marked down from $150, making me wary to wear shoes that were once that expensive and b) I don't wear a lot of gold. Same with the necklace.
(l-r)The necklace, what I wore to the aforementioned ball, shoes.
Tonight I have the haus to myself (unusual for a Friday night) and so I hired out Mamma Mia! Hooray! I remember seeing the ads and thinking "This is pretty much the cheesiest thing I have ever seen" but of course when I saw it I loved it. So I am pretty excited.
Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend while I am dancing around lip-synching (OK, belting out) ABBA tunes (goodbye, cred!) and furniture shopping!


  1. you look amaaaazing in those pants miss, i think i'm going to have to get my butt down to target tomorrow! love those shoes with them too. that ball photo of you is so pretty, love the headband.

    & YAY mamma mia i love that movie so much. amanda seyfried is so adorable & mmm dominic cooper. have you seen the history boys? also i can do you a copy of the soundtrack if you don't already have it?

  2. I'm still not convinced on harem pants but I do have to admit they look good on you!

  3. How in gods name do you look so awesome in those pants?! I am starting to dig on them, hard, but there's no way I could wear them;

    a) with my current body shape, and
    b) without breaking into random spurts of the Running Man.

    I pretty much do that anyway, the running man part, in public. Reece doesn't like it very much..not sure why :P

  4. amanda - Yes I do love the pants, yay for cheapie Target pants! You already burnt me a copy of the soundtrack (thank you!)
    sparkleandglitter - In the magazine I saw them advertised in it said something like "Best left to the lean & leggy". Well... I am clearly not following their advice! :P
    em - HAHA, you know I must spontanously break into the running man now. WHY had it not occured to me before?

  5. Hooray for no uni and no study!

    You pull off the harem pants really well. I don't think I could do it.

    Oh it is always ALWAYS important to look as ninja like as possible.

  6. well then clearly i am retarded.. haha.

  7. LOL, the crazy analogies that boys come up with for clothing never cease to amaze me :D But I absolutely love your pants.. my wardrobe has been craving a pair of harem pants for ages now but I haven't been able to find any! Also, watching 'Sex & The City' totally constitutes as a perfect day for me! Glad to hear your exam went well :)

  8. Oooo the gold looks amazing!!! And I adore the trousers, they look fantastic :)

  9. stompface - Haha! They are useful for all the sneaking around and ninja-like activities.
    amanda - I think you burnt it for someone else and then gave it to me :P
    miss corrine - Thank you! Your comments are always so lovely :D
    dapper kid - Thanks!

  10. Congrats on having time off! Love the pants too! Still trying to figure out how to pull them off.

    I'm not sure why you weren't on my blog list, but that has been corrected! :) I always remember seeing your blog, just kept missing the name =S me and my trusty memory.

  11. Bah I thought I commented here already! Anyway, I love your harem pants - I wish I could get a pair but with my proportions, it's a big no-no!

    And yay for the Ikea trip - I hope you bought some real goodies :D


    I must be getting to Target (Tar-jay, obviously) ASAP to steal your style.


  13. bambola - haha that's OK! Maybe you only remember the name if you are a gin enthusiast like myself! ;)
    miss karen - When I got to IKEA they didn't have the shelf I have been lusting after! IKEA running out of stock? OMGWTF etc. Why am I in a lame acronym kind of mood today?
    emily jane - OMG DON'T COPY ME PLZ. Just jokes! (You are my sister after all, just borrow mine!) But seriously there weren't many left so get yo butt down there pronto!
    annie - Thankyou! Glad to see the blog is up and running again! ♥

  14. IKEA, harem pants, gin, teacups - I am in heaven!

  15. those pants look incredible on you! I've been searching for the perfect pair of harem pants - I'll have to go look in Target now, it never occurred to me that they might have some :)

  16. Erin - Aww thank you miss! You are lovely!
    Gem - I'd go quickly because as I mentioned they are on sale! I grabbed a large because they were the only size left... so I don't know if these are baggier than they need to be! They are harem pants, so I think more bagginess = better!


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