Sunday posts make me happy!

I was tagged by the incredibly cute Monster Girl to write a list of six things that make me happy. So, here they are!

♥ I love buying a stack of new magazines and sitting on my balcony, reading them and drinking a cup of tea (white, with one sugar). This also applies to reading new books - I just finished When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris and I loved it! I very highly recommend it.

Photo by alicemariedesign

♥ Rain. This might be against the whole Australian image that everyone loves sun and summer (which I do) but I also love being all cozy and drinking a nice hot drink inside while rain is pouring down outside. It's especially nice at Boy's house because he lives in the hills in Perth, so there is a lot of bushland around outside.

Photo by Tapio Hurme

♥ I love watching a stupid teen movies while eating pizza and painting my nails. I think this happiness is borne from reading about "slumber parties" in one too many Babysitter's Club books! While there will always be a place in my heart for A Clockwork Orange, American Beauty and the like, there's nothing like switching your brain off for a couple of hours and just revelling in the vapidness.

Photo by sheruinsyou

♥ Wandering around the city by myself makes me happy - I only moved to Perth last year and while it's not THE most exciting place to live, I still like discovering great little places. One of my favourites is Empire Toys, which is where I get all my little anime figurines! This one is my favourite (and was actually a present from my sister):

♥ At the moment, the lead-up to Christmas makes me happy. It's my favourite holiday, I get so sucked in by all the Christmas displays and continous blaring of carols and all the Christmas movies on TV. And I love buying presents for people, so this allows me to do it in bulk!

Photo by arkworld

♥ I don't really like eating just toast and cereal for breakfast, but give me a full cooked breakfast and I am all over that thing. I love staying in hotels just for the buffet breakfast! Yum. Now I am hungry for bacon and hashbrowns.

Photo by Arjun

If you haven't done this, please feel free!


  1. Ok it's like 4pm as I type this but I want breakfast...a BIG breakfast :D

    Awesome list - I love a bit of teen movie action too!

  2. Love these pics. Great banner, too!


  3. miss karen - ahhh, it's the best. I love breakfast! (p.s I am a nerd)
    couture carrie - thanks! x

  4. YAY for teen movies! I love when it's that time of the month and I'm home alone, I'll totally grab a family block of chocolate, sit in my PJ's and watch bad teen movies bawling my eyes out..haha.

    Empire is one of my fave stores too! I work on King Street so I spend many a lunch-break there & forget to eat :P

    And BREAKFASTS. Whenever we are staying at a hotel, Reece will pick one for me that includes a big brekkie buffet. It's so funny. Whenever we walk past a restaurant he's all, "oooh Emma, all day breakfast! Bet you wanna go there!" It's funny cos I don't eat breakfast normally!

  5. David Sedaris, new books and magazines, big (vegetarian) breakfasts, cheesy teen movies, nail-painting, drinking tea, rain, collecting toys, city walks, Christmas excitement - this is pretty sums up my dream life! Also, if you are into David Sedaris and Christmas, then you should totally read the Santaland Diaries (if you haven't already)!


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